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Monday, September 03, 2007

The 5 things Cambodians Love

There are five things Cambodians love:
  1. family
  2. food
  3. children
  4. alcohol
  5. gambling
Children and family might seem redundant but they really have a profound love and respect for the next generation. America and other industrialized nations could really learn a lesson from them.

So this Saturday was a celebration of all things Cambodian. The whole family spent the day at my aunt's house -in a more rural area. Timmy and his brother coached teams of children in a football game (yeah, I made the first touchdown). Everyone (including my husband and I) took turns riding bikes around the neighborhood. Of course there was good food and as the sun went down we turned in to hang out in the living room and talk. The men drank. Everyone was relaxed. And then the topic of my new baby came up. It's so neat that even though this is my in-laws 12th grandchild, they are as excited about this one as they were about the first (who, by the way, is older than their last child). Various folk tests were performed to determine the sex of this baby. Then the betting began. Even though most of us feel that this is a boy, wagers were made. My husband bet 8 bottles of Hennessey that it is a girl. My uncle countered that with five bottles of Hennessey that it is a boy. My brother in law and uncle bet two bottles of Hennessey and my father in law and uncle bet $500. Which was sealed with not only a handshake but also a pinky swear.

They're so funny. Regardless of who wins the bet there is sure to be a big party when the baby comes and they pay-up begins. Oh and my Uncle asked me what I want (as a gift) if he wins all the bets. I told him I want a Yankee Candle.


  • At 1:21 PM, Blogger Ash said…

    heehee. That's so much fun! How great to have such an involved family. :-D

  • At 12:45 PM, Blogger MidnightCafe said…

    What a sweet family! I love being around people who love & value children. I run into this in Hispanic culture everywhere. It's so, so wonderful!


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