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Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Pick-up Artist

VH1 has this new show called "The Pick-up Artist". I haven't seen all the episodes, but so far I love it. The pick-up artist, "Mystery" and his buddies teach these nine guys how to pick up girls. In the first episode they went into a club untrained and we watched them on hidden camera fumbling and totally embarrassing themselves. These guys were still pretty skeptical of the pick-up artists but then they sat in a back room and watched them on hidden camera. And you know what was really amazing? Even I was swooning as I watched. They were great. And I was sold (so were the awkward dudes). But then it gets better because in the continuing episodes he teaches all these techniques. Basically breaks it down how to attract a girl. And I'm really impressed because he is right on. I know because my husband was the king of pick-up artists and I won him. So it's even more fascinating to see the techniques broken down. For what it's worth my husband thinks the show is really dumb. I'm not sure why.


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