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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Jailhouse Justice

We were watching Dateline's "To Catch a Predator" last night and it reminded my husband of a story he had never told me before. Back in the day, when he was on vacation (wink) he had a friend on the ward, named Red who used to cook all the guys meals. They got along well and enjoyed his food. But then one day a new guy came in and asked "why are you friends with him? Do you know what he's in for?" And my husband was like "not really. I thought he got in a fight with his wife or something". And they new guy informed him that Red had raped his step- daughter twice and then raped his own biological daughter. So my husband sat Red down and told him that he had one hour to leave the ward and go to protective custody or there would be consequences. But Red refused. So there was a meeting of the inmates to decide what would be done. Besides the usual beatdown they decided to drug him. So while one of them distracted Red the others crushed ten sleeping pills up and put it in his coffee. My husband says it was black coffee and not very good so it masked the taste. Red and my husband sat there playing chess while he sipped his tainted coffee. He started to get drowsy and complain to my husband that he was getting so tired. But my husband urged him to stay and finish the game (and the coffee). Then the CO's (Correctional Officers) called for a lockdown and all the inmates rushed to their cells. There was dead silence as they all watched Red fall asleep at the table, face down. The CO's yelled at him to go to his cell. They shook him, to no avail. So they brought him to the medical room and eventually charged him with possession of drugs.

Later, when he was having a contact visit -which (depending on the jail) is in the same room as other inmates contact visits - a black inmate had described Red to his girl, who matched the description and at the visit jumped his wife (for the indescribable crime of allowing him to rape her daughters). The CO's, who often have their own respect for jailhouse justice, took a good five minutes to break up the beat down.

And in the end, Red went to protective custody. But the really sad part of the story is that he was only sentenced to one and a half years in prison and another year of probation. WTF.


  • At 4:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    What??????? True justice will come it is not our role to do it.

  • At 5:04 PM, Anonymous Crissy said…

    That's a little harsh. She obviously agrees with you. Didn't you read the post above?? (The one titles "Grrrr")


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