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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Rap - tipping the scales of indecision

~Taking a brief break from China trip blogging~

So next year my son moves up to middle school (5th grade) and I have been trying to decide between the public middle school and the nearby charter school. It's been such a toss up. Brandon's best friend goes to the charter school. But all his cousins go to the public school. Car pooling and transportation would be much, much easier to the public school. But the public school kids make me nervous: the girls dress like sluts. But the academics is really rigorous at the charter school and Brandon still struggles with writing because of his dyslexia and I don't want him to get overwhelmed by school. But my little sister in law says you can't run at recess at the public school. What kind of recess is that? But Brandon is leaning towards wanting to go to the public school.

Well, with all that, you can see how it is a difficult decision. But yesterday Brandon told me something that tipped the scales of indecision for me. He said that the kids at the charter school don't like rap music. And the kids are all white. Don't like rap music? That's a deal breaker for me. I know how kids are. They influence each other. And the last thing I need is a teenage boy who listens to something other than rap music. no, no, no. I did not raise my son for ten years to just hand him over to a bunch of suburban kids to mold. It's just that, everyone in our family listens to hip-hop. And family unity is very important to me. Not to mention he would probably feel more comfortable in a classroom full of other mixed race kids like himself. So the public middle school it is!



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