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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Funny moments in China

This trip was the best two weeks of my life and I can credit my awesome classmates for making it that way. We just had so much fun and we laughed and laughed and laughed. I am honestly skeptical that I could ever take another trip that could hold a flame next to this one. We just had the perfect combination of characters. So I am chronicling some of the funny moments here so we can look back and remember the good times we had. (Though many of these will be meaningless to readers not on the trip).

  • Jeff asking us if we were working on our Master's degrees
  • Invisible leg of lamb
  • Jackie: "REEEALLY"
  • When Niko wore the flower headband and the Chinese people were laughing at him - one so hard he was in tears.
  • Kanchana charging 50 yuan for everything.
  • "Jackie, are you texting your girl-friend?"
  • Damien kicked human poop. His explanation: "I didn't know it was human"
  • 16 tickets fluttering to the ground as a crowd backs up behind us at the train station. Niko: "Oh my god!", which struck me as particularly funny because he said it EXACTLY like my brother would have said it if he were there.
  • Tianamen square group picture
  • Anita: "Do you think you can bring weapons on the plane?" Claire: "I think that's self explanatory".
  • Our retelling of that story and Bob walking away from us as if we were high because we couldn't stop laughing.
  • Whenever I commented on Niko's "smokers cough" he always came back with "it's not smoking. It's AIDS"
  • Meredith and I talking about wearing Chinese dresses to school next year with the really long sleeves and then imagining all the situations in which we could wave them around, like: raising our hand in class, giving people directions to class, etc.
  • Niko: "Claire, tell Deena she can't sit next to me. She says I'm diseased". Deena: "He asked to bite me!" Claire: (in her best mommy voice) "CHILDREN".
  • "If by _______ you mean _________..."
  • Niko starts a fight with Michaela which escalates and ends with Michaela calling him a slut and slapping him just as Dan pokes his head out the door, looking at her in disapproval.
  • Chris' story of the boy who "had to sing" and his grandma said to sing softly in her ear.
  • Meredith's dad's "20 to life".
  • Ytat's prank on Niko and vice versa.
  • The job that Jackie is actually qualified for: passport stamping
  • How Niko hailed the cab that night in Shanghai
  • Our secret sign language sign and the action it was probably mistaken for.
  • Kanchana almost throwing up in the 200 year old bonsai tree. (That was so funny!)
  • Yelling at anyone with Yankees paraphernalia "Yankees suck!" including the Chinese boy who didn't understand English (I don't think he heard us though)
  • Niko making fun of Christians and the professors getting nervous that he was offending me.
  • How all the Chinese stared when I laughed because I laugh so loudly (but Ytat loved my laugh).
  • Niko thinking that the ride back to Chicago was the two hour one and then realizing the truth while we were in flight.
  • The moment we realized the secret handshake wasn't going to work on the plane.
  • Three awesomely funny pictures:
  1. Niko imitating the ugly woman on the magazine
  2. Meredith spanking the stewardess
  3. Niko giving Kanchana a lap dance

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  • At 9:17 PM, Blogger Nikolaos said…

    haha it was soo nice to read these and think back. I laughed out loud a couple of times. best ever.

    oh! and who has that picture of the lapdance?!

  • At 9:57 PM, Blogger Deena said…

    I'm not sure. Hopefully we'll get it on someone's CD.


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