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Friday, June 22, 2007

Universal Health Care

Today was the most exhilarating day! I forgot what a high political activism is. I haven't done it since marching in pro-life rallies in high school. I drove an hour north to New Hampshire early this morning. I got my ticket from the Mass Nurses Association. Then I got on one of many busses to go to the theater to see the preview of "SiCKO". I sat next to an anesthesiologist from Vermont. We had compelling conversation on the way there. Then we saw the movie. It was a truly moving documentary. I cried when the 911 heroes were saluted by the Cuban firefighters. All of the conservative scare tactics regarding universal health care were totally blown out of the water. I saw people in countries with free health care and they weren't waiting excessively long periods of time. They did not have antiquated medicine. In fact, my anesthesiology friend whispered in my ear "That's the most expensive anesthesiology equipment on the market!" in reference to some machines in the background of a Canadian OR. The doctors weren't underpaid. The "average" French GP seemed better off than the GP's here in America. My mind has been totally changed by this movie. Yesterday I blogged that I wouldn't trust "government bureaucracy" with the job of paying for health care. But now I see that they can't possibly do a worse job than the current system where 33 cents of every dollar goes to administration costs. In countries with Universal Health care the cost is about 2 cents of every dollar. Even our own government's medicaid system has much lower administrative costs than private insurance companies. And guaranteeing payment would only encourage capitalistic behavior where Doctors and hospitals would compete for your dollar. For instance, in England where Doctors regularly make home visits. Our country is failing it's poor and middle class. It's time we rise up and do something!

After the movie there was a town hall discussion with Michael Moore. Afterwards, I was interviewed for the news (CN8) -I'm not sure if they put me on or not but I gave them a great sound byte where I talked about how I'm a conservative Republican but this is an issue that unites us all.

After that there was an elegant reception with exquisite food. I had some more amazing conversation with some real hippy liberals on my left and some conservative Christians on my right.

It was a day I'll never forget. And this is a topic I won't be silent about.

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