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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

A refreshing incident at the public school

I was just eating breakfast at the public school with my first grader (they eat in their classrooms, not in a cafeteria). During that time a first grader gave another first grader the finger, in the hallway. The boy who was flipped off told the teacher who brought them to the principal and... this was so cool... they came back later where the principal announced to the class that Alex has been making some poor decisions lately and would like to apologise to Mark. So Alex apologised and Mark said it was alright. The principal explained that bullying is not allowed at this school and that it's important to feel safe on the inside and out and to tell a teacher if anyone ever bullys.
Then, they went to Alex's classroom and did it again!!!

I was so impressed, almost faclemp. Maybe, just maybe, bullying in this generation will be lessened, kids can learn in peace, and Colombine types won't build up such anger.

Odd UPDATE: I was there again this morning when a boy came into the nurses office covered in blood from a split eyebrow. I was able to help comfort him when he was pretty hysterical until we got him cleaned up and calmed down. Unfortunately, the boy's injury was caused when another boy PUSHED him into a desk!!! So this bullying thing is by no means under control!



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