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Monday, May 21, 2007

The new immigration law

The new immigration legislation is what I've always DREAMED OF. My feelings are this: illegal immigrants who sneak in the country do so out of extreme poverty and desparation - a chance for hope for the next generation. There is nothing immoral about that. We Christians, have no problem differentiating between illegal and immoral when it comes to other laws... say, abortion, which is legal but not moral. or abortion protesting which is illigal but not immoral. So this is no different in my book. Give them a chance to stay here legally. If they could every one of them would. And it's not going to be easy. They'll have to pay $5,000, and go back to their home country. But they'll do it if we give them the chance.

And the second part of the equation: stronger border patrol/control is also a wonderful thing. We also have to protect our own. Obviously letting immigrants flood in unchecked is not in our best interest. Lets make that harder or better yet, impossible. That will also remove the moral dillemma from the poor people on our borders.

George W.'s support of this bill in defiance of even his own party is one of the reasons I greatly admire that man.



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