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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Jar O' Jellybean Joy

I won the jellybean guessing contest at the local supermarket! The timing of it couldn't have been better because we're between paychecks and just scraping by. I won a $25 gift certificate! (Which I promptly used). This is the second time I've won one of these. I'll share with you my winning strategy... I count the jellybeans on the bottom layer. Then I count the number of rows. In this case there were 60 jellybeans on the bottom and approximately 14 rows. So I multiplied that and got 840. Then I added one for the heck of it and put in my guess of 841. The actual number was 850. Horray! Now you can share in my jellybean victories! Just don't enter the same contests as me, okay?


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