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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

I'm going to China!

I applied for my college's International trip to China this summer. There were ten spots and about 50 applicants. The applications were judged based on grades, an essay, 2 recommendations from professors, and a panel interview. Whew. I got the call last night that I am one of the chosen and I am very excited. Of course, I'm nervous about leaving my three year old for that long, but I keep reminding myself that I left my first born for three days when he was 1, so I can leave my 3 year old for ten days and we will survive. It's just that he still breastfeeds so much.

I applied for my passport last week "just in case" and it should be here in plenty of time. An important part of this trip is a class about China so I will be starting that in two weeks and I am excited about that. The nation of China is so up and coming (and historical). It is a major market and political player and I will be a better person for knowing all about it.

I will be bringing a laptop and blogging from China (hopefully every day), so you will have full updates. (And yes, I will get to walk the Great Wall of China- one of the things I am most looking forward to doing).



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