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Monday, March 05, 2007

I witnessed something sad at Chuck E Cheese

I went to Chuck E Cheese with my kids on Sunday night. I probably shouldn't have because there were so many people there. It was very crowded and loud and bright and... yuck... I hate it when it's like that. Weekdays are much better.

Anyway, I saw the saddest thing. A mother with a BRAND NEW baby. And her husband and their two year old. That is the LAST place I would want to be if I had recently delivered a baby. The father is about 25 years old, but apparently he is a little boy inside because he played Skeeball for hours. She was begging him to leave. He started to make a big scene -raising his voice at her. She's explaining that the two year old wants to leave, SHE wants to leave. Her begging does nothing. He continues to play for another hour. He's got rolls of tickets coming out onto the floor. I overhear her saying they'd been their for seven hours. Whether that was an exaggeration or not, it's still sad. When I left they were still there. It broke my heart. I've never seen a more selfish man. He has a family to be proud of and the only joy he takes in life is rolling a ball into a hole?? It was very upsetting.


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