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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Another dumb cop

I ran out of gas on the highway last night. I know, I know... but in my defense the gas reader is broken. Anyway, I didn't have the cell phone with me. I left it with the kids because we don't have a land line. So I start walking to the gas station a mile back. And when I'm almost there a cop pulls over and informs me that walking along the highway is very dangerous (insert your sarcastic comment here). He asks what I'm doing. I tell him I ran out of gas and he still acts perturbed that I am walking along the highway. So, FINALLY, he gets the brilliant idea that he could let me use his cell phone. He calls my husband for me and has him meet me at the gas station (my husband couldn't come, he sent my brother). Then the cop dropped me off. But what would have been REALLY helpful is if the cop had just brought me to the gas station and then back to my car. Oh well.


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