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Saturday, February 17, 2007

A crazy visit to my kids school

I visited my sons' school on Friday for the open house (ie. visit your kid's classroom). I kept feeling nauseous though and had to rest several times in the nurses office. It was rather embarrassing. All the kids in the hallway were like "What's wrong with Wolfie's mom?" At the end of the visit I ended up puking my guts out in the nurses office. Very embarrassing. sigh.

I got to Brandon's classroom just as they were about to have a special presentation about recycling. What good timing! I always want to be up on the things they are teaching (indoctrinating) my children. I fully believe that we are supposed to take care of the Earth, so forgive me for being cynical but environmentalists really rub me the wrong way. I think I would be more comfortable if we understood each other, but this speaker was a perfect example of someone who wasn't making scientific sense to me... She said that only 1-3% of the Earth was fresh water, so it is important to conserve water. But Ocean water becomes fresh water when it is evaporated so I am not understanding her point of view. We have to conserve fresh water because we're running out of it?? And later in her speech she says to use rags/towels instead of paper towels. But that would use more water (to wash them) so she is contradicting herself. Then of course her explanation for why we must recycle: landfills and incinerators leak toxic chemicals that enter our ecosystem and hurt us all. Ok, but how is recycling paper, plastic and glass going to help that? Not at all. It seems that if toxic chemicals are our problem than we should be addressing that problem rather than the paper, plastic and glass. This is a pet peeve of mine because environmentalists heavily push CFL light bulbs to save energy. But CFL light bulbs contain MERCURY! My jaw hit the ground when I saw that because who knows how many of those will end up in the garbage (I'd guess 98%) and do more damage to the environment than the regular light bulbs. She also talked about using up our resources. Like trees for paper. But I'd really like to see numbers on that because I'm under the impression that the real threat to trees is deforestation, mainly in S. America, for cattle farmers. As far as I know, our fire fighting technologies have made American forests more abundant than ever.

So her hour long lecture on environmentalism may have eased her conscious or brought her to a higher level on Maslows hierarchy of needs, but as far as actually impacting the environment I can't say that her speech/beliefs have any effect whatsoever.

If the American family wants to really make changes to affect the earth they can grow a garden, breastfeed their children, avoid buying packaged foods. Eat more fruit, vegetables and fish. Commute less.

Oh and the speech ended on a funny note when one of the little boys asked if forty's are recyclable. I actually burst out laughing that he said that. The other three adults were like "huh? forty? wha?" So I explained "A forty ounce. You know? liquor". ha ha That cracked me up.


  • At 7:04 PM, Blogger Ben Meyer said…

    So what got you sick at the school?

    Sounds like she took the wrong approach to the speech. Rather then making you feel guilty she should have presented incentives. Such as: use LED light bulbs and save money on your electric bill, oh and help out the environment too.

  • At 7:33 PM, Blogger Deena said…

    Oh, it was just the beginning of a 24 hour flu. :(

    I know what you mean when you say "presenting incentives". Her speech wasn't presented wrong, per se - it was geared for kids so money isn't really a factor for them.

    I am referring more to environmentalist in general than to that particular lady.


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