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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Read Across America

I signed up to read to my first graders class on Friday. It's "Read Across America" day so the day will be spent with various parents reading to them. It sounds like such a good idea. As far as I know I can read whatever I want to them. (Though Wolfie said to me "Don't read anything about Jesus!" and I was like "Did the teacher say that?!" And he said "No, I don't want you to read anything about Jesus"- which I thought was cute).

Anyway, I'm trying to think of just the right book. I would love to read a little snippet of a classic to show them that it's fun to read the classics. Here are some of my favorite ideas:

Tom Sawyer - when he tricks his friends into painting the fence for him
Farmer Boy - when he ruins the parlor wallpaper and is saved by his sister
Some poetry by Shel Silverstein - funny stuff

I'd love your suggestion or vote.


Sunday, February 25, 2007


OK, I won't make this a long post so as not to annoy you, but I just got a 100 on our second nursing test.

Of course, I'm not perfect. I'm still bumbling through the clinicals.

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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Two movie recommendations

Last night I saw one of the best movies I've ever seen in my life. It's called The Illusionist and it was a romantic mystery thriller (in my opinion). It was just amazing. I think I will see it again tonight. My husband agrees that this is one of the best movies he's ever seen also. So if you haven't seen it yet - you must!!! (It's out on DVD).

Also, last night, a Christian movie debuted to rave reviews. It's called Amazing Grace and I'm going to go see it today. The plot is : "The idealist William Wilberforce maneuvers his way through Parliament in 18th century England, endeavoring to end slavery in the empire." I'll update you on my thoughts after I see it.


Wednesday, February 21, 2007

What a funny way to mistrial

Here in New England one of the news stories is the law-suit that Charlie Weis has brought against the doctors who performed his gastic bypass surgery. The reason it's headline news is that Charlie Weis is the N.E. Patriots former Offensive Coordinator - helping to turn our team into a dynasty. So of course we all know and love him. We also all watched him lose weight very rapidly after the surgery.

What we all didn't know is that he nearly died after the surgery and that is what he is sueing about. Weis is claiming that the doctors didn't recognize life-threatening internal bleeding and infection after his surgery. Gastric bypass is a dangerous surgery and all patients have to sign off on the possiblility of injury/death. So, I am reluctant to believe Charlie Weis unless sufficient evidence is presented.

Anyway, the trial was kind of a big deal because our hometown hero, quarterback Tom Brady, even testified.

But yesterday, (this is crazy), one of the elderly jurors collapsed, was moaning for help, and the doctors on trial came to his rescue!!! The other jurors were escorted out, the man left in an ambulance and a mistrial was called. Could the doctors have asked for a more perfect scenerio? -Except for the mistrial part.

Very strange.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Rabbit Sudoku

I love rabbits and I love sudoku. So how about Rabbit Sudoku! (It's one of the tabs on the left side)

Saturday, February 17, 2007

A crazy visit to my kids school

I visited my sons' school on Friday for the open house (ie. visit your kid's classroom). I kept feeling nauseous though and had to rest several times in the nurses office. It was rather embarrassing. All the kids in the hallway were like "What's wrong with Wolfie's mom?" At the end of the visit I ended up puking my guts out in the nurses office. Very embarrassing. sigh.

I got to Brandon's classroom just as they were about to have a special presentation about recycling. What good timing! I always want to be up on the things they are teaching (indoctrinating) my children. I fully believe that we are supposed to take care of the Earth, so forgive me for being cynical but environmentalists really rub me the wrong way. I think I would be more comfortable if we understood each other, but this speaker was a perfect example of someone who wasn't making scientific sense to me... She said that only 1-3% of the Earth was fresh water, so it is important to conserve water. But Ocean water becomes fresh water when it is evaporated so I am not understanding her point of view. We have to conserve fresh water because we're running out of it?? And later in her speech she says to use rags/towels instead of paper towels. But that would use more water (to wash them) so she is contradicting herself. Then of course her explanation for why we must recycle: landfills and incinerators leak toxic chemicals that enter our ecosystem and hurt us all. Ok, but how is recycling paper, plastic and glass going to help that? Not at all. It seems that if toxic chemicals are our problem than we should be addressing that problem rather than the paper, plastic and glass. This is a pet peeve of mine because environmentalists heavily push CFL light bulbs to save energy. But CFL light bulbs contain MERCURY! My jaw hit the ground when I saw that because who knows how many of those will end up in the garbage (I'd guess 98%) and do more damage to the environment than the regular light bulbs. She also talked about using up our resources. Like trees for paper. But I'd really like to see numbers on that because I'm under the impression that the real threat to trees is deforestation, mainly in S. America, for cattle farmers. As far as I know, our fire fighting technologies have made American forests more abundant than ever.

So her hour long lecture on environmentalism may have eased her conscious or brought her to a higher level on Maslows hierarchy of needs, but as far as actually impacting the environment I can't say that her speech/beliefs have any effect whatsoever.

If the American family wants to really make changes to affect the earth they can grow a garden, breastfeed their children, avoid buying packaged foods. Eat more fruit, vegetables and fish. Commute less.

Oh and the speech ended on a funny note when one of the little boys asked if forty's are recyclable. I actually burst out laughing that he said that. The other three adults were like "huh? forty? wha?" So I explained "A forty ounce. You know? liquor". ha ha That cracked me up.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Big date is coming up!

This September is our 10th anniversary! Can you believe it?! And with all we've been through I am excited to celebrate this blessed occasion. So I am planning a big anniversary party for Saturday September 8th. If you're a friend or family member, reserve the date!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Nursing School

I'm one month into nursing classes. It is quite an experience. The hardest part has been balancing work, family, and school. It's very stressful but nothing I wasn't expecting. Housework and cooking only take place on weekends. Thursday I have a full day of clinical experience at a long term care facility. When I leave for clinical it is still dark out. After a day of that and a few hours with my kids I leave for work and when I leave for work it is already dark out again- with a full shift yet in front of me!!

Nursing is unique in that you must be well rounded in book smarts, people skills as well as dexterity/street smarts. It's so many roles rolled up into one vocation. the book smarts come naturally to me (thank God) so that has been a huge help as I try to juggle my life with school. While my classmates are spending hours every night reading I haven't had to study much nor do I have the time to. I don't know how long my "base knowledge" will carry me but I am thankful for it while it lasts.

Hands down the most stressful thing for me so far has been the TPR (Temperature, Pulse, Respiration) Certification. You get three attempts to certify at a skill and if you don't pass you are kicked out of the program. The radial pulse is both the easiest skill and the hardest certification. All you have to do is lose the pulse for a few seconds or miss a heart flutter or miscount and you fail. I failed the first attempt because I lost the pulse. Two of my classmates including a friend of mine have failed two times. My friend is near hysterical at the thought of her nursing dreams crashing to a halt over a pulse certification. Thankfully I passed my second attempt yesterday. Thursday is the blood pressure certification but I am much more confident in that. I am learning about myself through this experience though. People have accused me, in the past, of seeming too callous about difficulties in my life. But I always knew in my heart that it wasn't callousness but a true faith in God. This was another example of that because I said to myself that if I failed all three certs. than God just has a different plan for me right now. I would have been sad but accepting of that. At the same time I felt that God had led me to this point and He would see me through. (He did!)

At the clinical we are working with elderly people and I am struck by the similarities between the beginning and the end of life. The patience that we must exude and the activities we must do are the same as I do with my toddler at home.

We are working in one of the finest facilities in the nation. It is like a hotel. I can't imagine what it costs to live there. The only way to get in is to move over from their apartments. It's gotten me thinking about what my end of life home will look like. I always envisioned living with my children but what if I need something more? Am I prepared? Financially and waiting list/reservation wise? Answer: no. There is long term care insurance. That is something I would like to get when I can afford it.

Did you know that the best indicator of a good long term care facility is the lack of smell. Bad smells indicate unchanged diapers and bed sores. Bed sores can and should be prevented by: keeping the bed at a 30 degree angle, shifting the patient every two hours (even if in a wheelchair), using protective cream, positioning pillows just below the heel (to prevent sores on the heel), not using donut pillows, watching for and promptly treating signs of bed sores.

So that is the update. More later as it transpires.


Sunday, February 04, 2007

I am so proud of the letter to the editor my Pastor wrote on behalf of Christians. Check it out!!!

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Friday, February 02, 2007

I'm in love~

I'm in love ~ with my husband. Tonight he did the sweetest thing and I got all the gooshy feelings that one gets when one is dating. We had a snowstorm while I was at work. I get out late at night and when I got to my car it was wiped clean with the windsheild wipers up. I called him on my cell phone and asked "Did you visit me tonight?" And he said "no". I told him my car was clean. He said "Maybe that weird guy who likes you did it." Me: "I don't think so... It's kind of cool. But creepy". And at that moment I look up to see him walking toward me, cell phone in hand. I jumped out of the car and ran into his arms and kissed him. I was so happy to see him. He sat in that parking lot for a half hour waiting for me just to make sure I would get home safely. I'm so in love.

I love that he protects me. Last night I had a dream that a wealthy dentist wanted to marry me. We were driving somewhere together when our car got sideswiped and the men in the car started to pursue us. My dentist admirer turned out to be a total wimp. I was so turned off by his behavior. I kept thinking (in my dream) how glad I was to be married to Timmy.
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