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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Brush your teeth!

In one of my nursing magazines I read a fascinating article about preventing Pneumonia in the ICU. Apparantly, the number one thing nurses can do to prevent it is to brush the patient's teeth every 2-4 hours. And a guaze wipe won't cut it. You need to actually brush with a tooth brush.

I also learned from Dr. Oz that the number one preventable cause of miscarriage is inadequate mouth care (ie. brush your teeth more).

He also said that you can add 6-8 years to your life by brushing your teeth frequently. It has something to do with your gums and your vascular system. Sorry I don't have the actual details for you right now. But in conclusion I just want to say that teeth brushing is about much more than oral health. It's about overall health.

My life is so busy right now since I am in full time school and part time work and my husband works full time. I'll be the first to admit we haven't been brushing our kids teeth enough. But I'm newly inspired to pursue it zealously and pehaps even brush the pet's teeth occasionally. I hope I've inspired you to do the same!


Wednesday, January 24, 2007

"I've got more verses than the Bible"

(As a rap aficionado I appreciate a good play on words and had to share that with you).

Monday, January 22, 2007

Indian telemarketers (funny)

This isn't a commentary on the outsourcing of thousands of American jobs to India. I actually have no problem with them since everyone deserves the opportunity to work. But, well, it does create awkward situations. Like what just happened to my husband. He's on the phone with a Sprint customer service rep. from India and the lady, trying to be a smooth, operator asks him "May I ask how you are doing today" and my husband says "Oh, not good. My New England Patriots lost last night. It was pretty rough". awkward pause. The confused lady say "Sir, I am very sorry about that". giggle I got a kick out of that.


The Fairness Doctrine

When I first heard of the Fairness Doctrine (which is being reintroduced to congress under the name MORA: Media Ownership Reform Act) I thought it was so silly it was no threat. But apparently this thing is for real and I am really appalled. Basically this law would make some government agency responsible for listening to radio/watching TV and then judging "which side of an issue" is being presented and then force the radio/TV station to present the opposing side of the issue. Does that not reek of communism?! Is that not the opposite of free speech?? I am so horrified that this is even on the table in America where free speech is valued above almost every other freedom.

So what is the motivation behind this? Well the liberals are for it/sponsoring it and the conservatives are against it/horrified. So what it basically comes down to is that when liberals dominated the media they were OK, but as soon as radio air waves and occasional TV stations (like Fox) gained some conservative momentum they started looking for a way to "control it". When this bill first passed (between 1949-1987) liberal media dominated, so I am in no way naive enough to believe that this will be enforced fairly. Back when it first became law, the media was a much different playing field. There was no Internet. No cable. Only 16 TV channels. Obviously that is an entirely different world than we have open to us today. Today there is unlimited choice and multiple options for hearing different view points. This bill is antiquated and tyrannical. It must not pass.


Sunday, January 14, 2007

My pesky tonsils

I have the worst tonsils. They torment me. I get sore throats/strep quite regularly and about once a year I get deathly ill because of them. Well, today is that time of year. It's a rather strange infection this time though. It only affects one side. My left tonsil is, well... (warning: Too Much Information ahead)... huge and red and extremely painful and oozing pus. The good news is that today I went to the doctor got a referral to see a specialist, at which point I will get these pesky tonsils removed (something I've been meaning to do for years). The bad news is that I am sick. Last night I had absolutely HAD it and as I lay in bed, in agony, I began to seriously contemplate cutting it out myself. After all, it's only one side... If I could get just one good snip and then spit it out. think
But the following three reasons would not allow me to go through with said plan: #1 It would give my mother more proof that I am crazy. (I'm not!) #2 My son has dental surgery scheduled for Monday which we've prepaid for and I don't want to screw that up by being laid up in the hospital myself for complications to home-done tonsilectomy. #3 If the professors at the nursing school find out that I cut out my own tonsil they may bar me from the program. You see? Three very good reasons not to cut my own tonsil out. Oh and then there's the whole, it's next to the airway and carotid artery thing. roll eyes

While considering the pros and cons of said plan, I did come across some funny online advice given to someone else who asked how one might go about cutting out ones own tonsils. I will paste it here for your viewing pleasure:

if I were going to do this, I'd want a good mirror or maybe 3, a big curved sucker with a vacuum source, a compressed-air-sprayer of lidocaine (or cocaine 1%) and phenylephrine, a pair of long Kelly clamps, a tonsil knife, and a Bovie electrocautery. You could sterilize these by boiling them, in an ethylene oxide bag, or whatever. Sterility in an oral operation is not so important as the oropharynx is totally colonized with nasties anyway - a real ENT would paint the tonsils with iodine but it's probably just superstition.

The cocaine would do double duty as local anesthetic and confidence booster.

So, I'd spray the coke and phenyl transnasally, grab the tonsil with the Kelly, cram the sucker down my throat, take a swipe with the curved tonsil knife, remove the Kelly with tonsil attached, and suck while I jammed the Bovie down there and tried to cauterize the back of my throat without perforating it or tearing a hole in the soft palate.

I'd have a second standing by with a wakizashi in case my own attempt was unsuccessful.

what sort of motivation would the hypothetical person have to perform such a surgery on him/herself?

Because he's the LAST PERSON ON EARTH and his throat hurts. So let's assume this happens the proverbial Few Years From Now.

The first thing you'll do is read up, a lot, for what has to happen when, and how, and why. And for what can go wrong.

Next, you'll want to assemble the appropriate robotics.

The first thing your Doc-In-A-Box will need to be able to do is see -- you could do this with wee tiny stereo cameras. Probably more than one set, so it can see outside and inside. Getting robots to see well is difficult in the real world, but not in The World Of A Few Years From Now. There will probably be a firefox extension for it.

ikkyu2 or other playful physicians: could you also do this by feeding the data from several ultrasounds into a machine to give it a 3-d model of what's going on in yer throatular region?

Next, your DIAB will need to be able to do something. One way you could go with this would be with several robotic arms to hold normal surgical instruments. Alternatively, you could locate several of the tools onto the same arm, like you see in a CIC machine tool. At minimum, you'd probably want one arm to hold your mouth open, one for grabbing and pulling, one for cutting, and one for cauterizing. But a real man would also program an additional unit to pat you on the back and say "There, there, it's all right" in Cylon-voice.

Nearly there! Now, grab a corpse -- there are zillions about, you're the last man on Earth after all -- and put it in The Chair. Make sure the corpse has tonsils! Then fire up your de-tonsillator. You'll probably find that you have programmed badly and that the corpse has been gruesomely decapitated, or had its jaw removed, or been circumcised. Try, try again -- remember, your sore throat waits for no man.

Eventually, you'll have a system that works well enough for whatever safety margin you want. Sterilization: pour some Everclear on the relavent bits of machinery and light it; that oughta be good enough for the likes of you. Now just sit down in the chair, open wide, and push the button. 40 milliseconds later you'll either be cured or paste.


Wednesday, January 10, 2007

My opinion on the ethics of...

I found this interesting article about a family that has decided to stunt the growth of their mentally retarded girl. It has caused a bit of an uproar because it sounds "offensive, if not preverse", to quote the article. She has always been at the developmental age of an infant and her parents felt that keeping her small would enable them to best care for her.

I, personally, think the parents have done the right thing. Their arguements are convincing... smaller body means less bed sores. No breast means no breast cancer which runs in the family, no puberty or mentruation will be easier on the girl. And perhaps the biggest arguement of all, is that her remaining small will enable the parents to continue to care for her the rest of her life in their home. And no one will give her the same TLC as they will.

No one loves a child more than their parents and I know they decided on this course because they knew it was the best course of action for their daughter.

My friend once cared for an enormous mentally retarded woman. I spent some time with them and I must say that this woman's size was a huge issue in her life. She was aggressive and scary and it was difficult for her mother to find caretakers for her because of this. Obviously this is not nearly the same scenerio as the one in the article, but I just wanted to share with you my personal experience with this subject.

One last quote from the article which made a lot of sense to me is "There are other parents that make decisions to make their children taller because that may be a benefit to the child. And so I think what all these cases have in common is an intention to help the child."


Monday, January 08, 2007

Pray for my kitty

(I think) he got his paw run over again. He's been limping for days. Here's a small clip of him. Please pray that the almighty physician will knit his bones back just right.
UPDATE: Thank you all for your prayers. He is doing better. Here is some footage. (NO PUN INTENDED!!!!)

Thursday, January 04, 2007

YOU can help in Darfur

We all know there is a crisis in Darfur - a genocide if you will. But what can we DO? Well here is something really simple you can do:

I joined and I hope you will too.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Scripture is powerful

I have to admit that I am not great about doing regular devotions or scripture reading. But lately I have engaged in some pretty heavy Biblical debating online. And ironically I feel closer to God than I have in a while. More than just that, but applicable scriptures come to my head as I go through daily life. But I havent been "communing" with God any more than usual. The only difference is that I have been reading scriptures and writing them during the debating. How powerful the word of God is!
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