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Saturday, December 09, 2006


I am so blessed to have health insurance that covers chiropractor appointments right now. I've started going to fix some minor things and I have been really impressed with the results. Two things I didn't think could be fixed were my headaches and knee pain. Both, however, have disappeared since I started going. These were problems that I was very close to pursuing with my primary care physician. I can't imagine the amount of money that could have been blown trying to diagnose those pains when all they required was some joint adjustments.

One issue that always worried me was my hip misalignment causing one leg to be longer. Every time I go he has to readjust it. We don't know how long the adjustment lasts but I'm comforted to know that at least some of the time it is correct. He said my hip was so misaligned it was a miracle I didn't have lower back pain.

So I have become a big fan of chiropractor treatment. I've got my husband going too for his back pain and when I have enough money I would like to bring my kids in too. I consider it preventative medicine. Brandon in particular could probably use it because he wears out the posterior lateral part of the soles of his shoes which means he is walking on them weird. I heard about some kids who never needed antibiotics for their ear infections because instead their parents took them to the chiropractor to get an adjustment which helped the ear fluid drain.

As a soon-to-be nurse I am a huge advocate for joining modern medicine with alternative/homeopathic medicine. There is so much good we can take from both fields.



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