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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Americans and sex

America has a warped relationship with sex. On the one hand it surrounds us in the media - almost inescapably. On the other hand, Americans are uncomfortable with it. Most other countries/cultures in the world are much more open to their sexuality than Americans. Even our Canadian and British counterparts view nudity without blinking an eye. Even touching makes us uncomfortable. Men kissing men on the cheek here would be "gay", but in other parts of the world it would be a greeting.

I remember the first time I realized I wasn't like other Americans in this regard. It was during the Janet Jackson Super Bowl scandal. First of all, I saw it and she flashed her breast for maybe one second and it wasn't an up close shot, so it wasn't as crazy as it was made out to be. Anyway, the aftermath of it was that Americans were in an uproar. But I was like "what was the big deal?" And some may say "What if your son's saw that"? But that wouldn't change my opinion. My son's see my breasts all the time. Breasts are a normal beautiful part of a woman's body.

I started a debate in the "Intense Fellowship" forum of Gentle Christian Mothers, about this very subject. Many of the women were very heated about the subject. One of the women from another country posted that this instense debate only proves that American's do have hang ups about sex which I thought was a good point. Then, just recently, I got a personal message from the moderators saying that they were removing the debate and going to pray about it. I am completely shocked that this subject has become so scandalous that it is not worthy of debate anymore. I suppose that proves my point more than anything else I've said so far.


  • At 11:21 PM, Blogger Bruce said…

    It's not the thing, it's the viewer that makes it clean or dirty. If people laugh at nudity then they make it dirty. If guys drool, they make it dirty.

    And no, this is not everybody making his or her own rules. I'm talking about the body. Doctors and artists deal with the body all the time without getting bent out of shape. Our job is to have righteous eyes. To see with godly eyes, not with the lust of the eyes.

    Of course, when we stage things to make things LOOK dirty, as in Victoria Secret catalogs where the girls stick their butts up and narrow their eyes and open their mouths halfway--c'mon big boy--they make their beauty just "dirty."

    And...Patriot Cheerleaders.

    The weaker brother in scripture is the one who tries to follow the rules to be ok. Not to be confused with the brother who just wants to keep sinning. The unrepentant guy is not even in the discussion.

    For the record, looking at the skin of close relatives is a problem for those who believe the Bible is true. The Bible says don't. People say it's just a euphemism, but I don't agree. In principle, and according to the way I understand how to interpret the Bible. I don't want to see the skin of the women I'm related to. Even if I'm doing emergency surgery. Except my wife.

  • At 6:23 AM, Blogger Deena said…

    I agree with your first statement. After all, Matthew 5:28 says "...I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart."

    However, there is no specific command in the Bible to not look at the skin of a close relative. The closest thing to that is when Noah curses his son Ham- which might be interpretted as his punishment for viewing his naked father, but would be better interpretted as punishment for his disrespect since this lines up with Exodus 21:15 and Leviticus 20:9 which calls for a son to be punished if he curses or shames his parent.


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