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Monday, October 23, 2006

One Night with the King

There is a new movie out called "One Night With the King" which is the story of Esther. It isn't playing at many theaters but I went out of my way to see it this weekend with my mom and it was AWESOME. I highly recommend it. There were maybe a dozen other people there and they were all mother/daughter couples. Isn't that cute??? OK, so Esther was beautiful in body and spirit. You really grow to love her. The king was hot!! The only thing that could be improved upon was the one or two times we didn't know what was going on. B ut that only lasted a couple of seconds. So the really funny part was when the King is asking Haman how he should reward the person who saved his life. And of course the whole audience knows the story so we're all giggling. If you can see it you TOTALLY SHOULD. If not, at least rent it when it comes out. Support those Christian movies. Oh and I saw a preview for a movie about Jesus' birth called "The Nativity" which looks awesome too. I'm bringing my whole family to see that one.



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