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Thursday, October 19, 2006


I've hit the breakdown point. It's been coming all the last week. It's when I have too much on my plate. Work and school and wife and mother: It's all a carefully balance juggling act and the littlest thing can put it over the edge. So last week I REALLY had to study for my microbiology test. So I let the housework go in exchange and that is what started it. I was hoping my husband would pick up the slack, but he didn't. So I've been playing catch up with that. THEN, yesterday I had to rollerblade five miles to take my son to the dentist because we're trying to save money by having only one car. So that killed my whole day. THEN today was the last straw. I woke up this morning, the house is a mess and my nine year old starts crying that his stomach hurts because he's so hungry. The kids always eat school breakfasts and lunches because it's easier and cheaper, but the truth is they feed the kids CRAP. I mean absolute crap - like a nasty chocolate donut for breakfast. Stuff that I would NEVER allow in my house. So I've decided "THAT'S IT! I'm feeding my kids breakfast and packing lunches again!" And I'm storming around the house looking for his backpack and I step on our glass chess set and break it (I TOLD you it was a mess).

So that's my vent.


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