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Thursday, August 03, 2006

My housework shortcuts

I think I do a decent job of keeping up with housework while raising three kids and a part time job and part time school. My secret is to simplify, simplify, simplify. Obviously that means minimal clutter. I throw away at every opportunity and also don't buy very much. Here are some of the more unusual techniques I employ to keep my house clean...

*I bought the cats the cheapest litter and didn't change it much til they got the hint. Now they go outside 90% of the time. (Which is OK because unlike dogs, cats bury it).

*I do a load of laundry every day and DO NOT Own any laundry bins. Why? Because once an item of clothing is removed it goes right into the washer. Yup. Darks and lights together. I've never had a problem with bleeding. If I think something will bleed I'll separate it, but that is pretty rare. Also, if the thought of mixing them makes you queezy you can buy these new toweletes created to soak up bleeding color. Pretty cool.

*I USED to use a dishwasher to save time... but eventually with a husband, three kids, and a brother, even that was becoming too much work - the constant loading and unloading. My new method is to keep a small selection of dishes in the dish drying rack. Then we use it, wash it, and put it back on the rack to dry. All done. Also, our flatware has widdled down to nine spoons, four forks, and a few knives. We don't need any more than that. If you need something, you just have to wash it. Also, I use the sponge with the handle filled with detergent so it's always bubbly.

* I spent a good deal of time teaching Brandon to clean his room in our first year of homeschooling. I mean, as much time on that as reading or math. It's paid off because not only is he good at keeping it clean but he insists on it. Wolfie learns some from Brandon but I do need to spend some more one on one time with him too.

*The bunny is litter trained so every other day I just dump the hay into the garbage, put newspaper and hay in the box again and I'm done.

*I file away paperwork ASAP in the small file cabinet downstairs or the small file cabinet upstairs (whichever is closer). You've got to keep up with it!!

*We only own four bath towels which are always in use. I wash them about every other day so they are always fresh.

*I don't own any top sheets for the boys' beds. Why? Because boys do not use top sheets. No. They kick them to the bottom the bed, leaving you one more unnecessary job when making beds or washing sheets. I literally threw away all the twin sized top sheets I know all you pack rats are gasping in horror, but it's drastic measures like that, that keep me on top of my housework.

*"A place for everything and everything in its place." Especially keys. They go on the hooks by the door.

*My dear Grandma does all my sewing. What would I do without her???? (I was an honor roll student. The only C I got was in sewing. ha ha)

*Shoes are removed immediately upon entering the house and put on the shoe rack. Like I said before - simplicity is the key. The kids only have one pair of shoes each (plus sandles in the summer). Timmy and I have boots and sneakers. (I keep my two pairs of dress shoes in my closet for special occasions).

* Keeping up with housework is a huge part. I try to clean the whole house every day and deep clean on Saturdays. I mean, I'm no superwoman, but I try my best. When my schoolwork-load is heavy I employ a teenage girl to help me on Saturdays.

If you have any housecleaning shortcuts, tell us! We can use all the shortcuts we can get, right ladies? It's a struggle, but we can do it!



  • At 6:29 PM, Anonymous kimberly said…

    I put all my kids toys on a bookshelf so that they don't have to dump them all out of a toy bin to get the one they want. They are only allowed to play with one toy at a time and they have to put it back to get another one out. Not that it happens perfectly like that every time, but that's what I shoot for.


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