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Monday, July 31, 2006

Vaccination and Circumcision

My parenting views could definitely be catagorized as "crunchy", I'm ALMOST litmus test crunchy. There are only two issues that set me apart. One is circumcision and the second is vaccination. I believe in both. Crunchy parents believe in neither.

I vaccinate because I don't want my children to get a serious disease. I don't see a clear link between vaccines and medical problems. When my Wolfie was a baby he had some autistic tendancies. He avoided eye contact much of the time and like to bang his head on the wall. It concerned me enough to delay his MMR vaccine for several months - as it is supposidly "linked" to autism. But he was fine. And that is the closest I've ever come to distrusting vaccines.

Several months before that incident a vaccine may have saved his life. When he was a new baby, and newly vaccinated against Pertussis, my mother and Grandmother came down with it (Whooping cough). Their immunity had worn off. It was very scary. They said that they were unable to breath during long coughing spells. I was so grateful that my baby had been vaccinated.

As for circumcision, this was a no-brainer for me and my husband. He is from Cambodia, where they do not practice circumcision. He was never comfortable with it (said it felt like it was tearing). When he became an adult with good health insurance that was one of the first things he did. It's just so much cleaner for both partners. An uncircumcised penis can hold STD's and yeast infections so much easier, no matter how clean you are. I know several other uncircumcised men who got it done once they reached adulthood. And finally, as a Christian I find it hard to believe that God would require something of the Jews that was actually bad. All of his other commands are medically sound.

So I guess I'll never be fully crunchy and that's OK. I also shave and listen to rap music so that doesn't help my case either. But I do wear long skirts around the house 90% of the time so I should get bonus points for that.



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