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Sunday, July 30, 2006

My future family fantasies

My beliefs about family do not come to a sudden halt when my kids turn an arbitrary age like 18 or 21. It goes against the postmodern point of view, but I plan on cherishing my grandbabies and helping my daughter in law with the transition to motherhood. I am already making plans for the near future when my boys grow up. For starters, I am planting seeds in their heads. I tell them all the time that they should look for a nice Christian girl to marry.

Besides my goals of staying close to my children as they age, I believe I have a full understanding of todays financial reality. It's different today then it was even a generation ago. I just read several books on the topic including Strapped: Why America's 20- and 30-Somethings Can't Get Ahead by Tamara Draut. and Generation Debt by Anya Kamenetz. I'm also living this life personally. What's different about today? Less student grants, more student loans. Significantly higher real estate, college and medical costs, higher credit card debt, to name a few. But I am prepared to lead my boys through their 20's successfully. For starters there is the principal that "Today's college diploma is yesterdays high school diploma". This is true. So if my boys are bored at school and want to get on with life I have no problems with homeschooling them at an advanced pace or allowing them to drop out and get their GED. Then they can start right away at the community college. I'm also against taking out student loans. I regularly tell them that they will be expected to get a job at UPS or a similar company that will help them pay for college.

Finally, I hope they choose to live with us for a long time. Timmy and I are thinking of building an "in-law" apartment on the side of the house and perhaps one on a third floor for our sons and thier wives. We'll charge them a $1000 a month until they show us that they can afford a mortgage payment. Then we will give them all of their rent money as a downpayment on a nearby house.

So that's my fantasy. And on a separate note, I also look forward to training them at the gym when they hit their teens (right around the corner!!) Timmy is a weightlifter and I'm a former personal trainer, so we know all there is to know about working out. Our boys are going to be JACKED! I can't wait.

Oh, and also, it's appropriate to mention here that Wolfie has already decided what he wants to be when he grows up: a movie director. Isn't that cool?


  • At 6:45 PM, Anonymous Betty said…

    As a mother of several teenagers myself I can tell you that your plan is a sound one. You take into account your children's emotional, physical, financial needs as they age and bravo for bucking the trend and not "kicking out your kids" as soon as they're legal. I look forward to reading more of your ideas in the future.


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