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Saturday, July 22, 2006

A liberal concern

There has been a lot of talk in liberal circles about the last two presidential elections that were supposedly "stolen" by the Republicans. I have read up on this issue to some degree because if there is any truth to it, then I agree that it needs to be addressed. Before I am a conservative Republican I am a democratic American. The accusations generally claim that black votes and Democratic votes were illegally denied. This happened in a variety of ways, for instance targeting black overseas servicemen whose mail-in ballots were denied due to a "bad address". Another accusation is that Nader votes were somehow switched to Bush votes. Many of the accusations seem very plausable. HOWEVER, the conclusion that the election was "stolen" seems very far-fetched to me. The last election was not nearly that close. Also, it may be news to the outraged liberal, but "stolen elections" are not a new theory. The truth is, many years ago when the Rupublican's were losing, they frequently complained about similar acts of voter fraud, for instance large numbers of felony and non-citizen votes. Each time this subject is addressed the peice ends with the warning that the 2008 election is already on the way to being stolen. I suggest however, that there is enough media attention on this issue to prevent that. I myself will be observing the next election more closely to see that it is fair. I also agree that there should be a more universal, fool-proof voting method.



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