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Friday, June 02, 2006

Renewed faith in the political system

My state legislature were considering a bill to raise the minimum age for a drivers lisence to 17 1/2 which is the highest in the country. This proposal didn't receive much media attention, but when I read it in the paper it concerned me so I wrote a letter to my two representatives (one of whom was on the committee that proposed the bill) asking them to not support this (or rethink their support) because A) I didn't think it was a solution to accident rates and B) it would affect me personally, one of their constituents, because it is important that my oldest son be able to drive to work or help drive his younger brothers to and from school.

Today the newspaper reports that the legislature will not be changing the minimum age to 17 1/2...

"A vote on the measure was abruptly postponed yesterday on Beacon Hill after unexpectedly widespread opposition emerged.

"I don't think we are going to license at 17.5; I don't think that will happen," said state Representative Joseph F. Wagner , a Chicopee Democrat who is the bill's main author. Asked whether the age increase was dead, he replied, ``That's fair to say."

So I am happy and I'll email them to let them know that I am happy and to not support the possible increase to 17 for a permit.



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