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Monday, June 12, 2006

Boston Celtic's dance team tryouts

This Sunday was the first tryout for the first ever dance team for the NBA Boston Celtics. It was such an honor just to be there. I went knowing that I would not make it. Not only do I have next to no formal dance training, but also there are tryouts being held in NY, LA, and Arizona, meaning only the very best of the best will be making it.

More than 400 girls arrived, which is an even slightly bigger crowd than the one that shows up for the World Champion NE Patriots tryouts. It was held in the practice court that the Celtics train at. There were camera crews to document this historic event, sometimes annoyingly in your face, but still making the whole thing more exciting.

After registration we all strip down to our next to nothing outfit (nylons over exposed legs was the dress code) and start to stretch on the dance floor while the DJ pumped a beat. You get to know some of the girls around you. I met a sweet little petite dancer named Meagan who was a dance major in college and hoped to open her own dance studio. Right before the tryout started I saw a girl whose nylons were totally ripped. I went over to her and offered her my extra pair. She gladly said yes.

So the moment had arrived. The well qualified judges were introduced- flown in from around the country. The coach was introduced, she has an identical twin *cool*. Instead of warming us up they went right into the first round. I suppose they figured we were warmed up enough. I was surprised that we started with a difficult technical pass, as opposed to a simple dance routine.

I had a big disadvantage in that I didn't know a lot of the dance terminology and the instructor was on a small stage and therefore not demonstrating most of it. Some of the leaps I didn't even know existed until halfway through the practice when we split into smaller groups to have enough room to practice.

After some practice time they explained how it would be judged. We would go three at a time across the floor and at the end they would give us a sticker to put on the numbers on our hips, or they would say, "Thanks for coming". Wow. Talk about pressure. The coach thanked us all for coming, invited us to take more lessons and come back next year if we didn't make it, and emphasized how historic this even was and what a privilege it is to even come today.

Then the music started and the tryouts began. It was intense. I watched for a while, then went to the back and practiced for a while and finally took my turn. I'm sure I looked pretty uncoordinated and I got the "Thanks for coming at the end", but I wasn't upset, because I accomplished what I set out to do which was just to be there. Meagan didn't make it either. I gave her a hug. I know she was upset. I watched the last few girls finish and then I packed up to go. On my way out the door I saw the girl I gave the nylons to. She had a sticker on her hip. "Hey 254!" I called out. "Good luck!" I gave her the thumbs up.


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