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Friday, June 23, 2006

Baby crazy

One of my best friend's had a baby boy two days ago. I haven't seen him yet, but I did hear him cooing in the background on the phone. It's her third boy, like me. Anyway, I've been thinking through my life plan and the timing of the coming babies if I still go for six. After much thought, my husband and I decided that it's time for number 4!!! So this month we'll start trying and I'm so excited! We have never REALLY tried to make a baby before. I think it is the most romantic notion...

Yesterday my husband made the announcement to the kids. He said that maybe we'd even get lucky and have a baby girl and when he said that Dimitri jumped up and down and clapped and yelled out really loudly "YEAAAAAAY!!!" It was SOOOOOO cute. We all laughed at him, knowing that he doesn't know what he's really in for. ha ha.

So that's the big news. I'll keep you posted.


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