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Sunday, June 25, 2006


As a yogurt connoisseur I was excited to try the newest yogurt on the market, Dannon's Activia, which contains a culture that helps to regulate the digestive system. It is advertised to help make you regular in one week. I bought eight small yogurts and my kids and I have enjoyed them, which leads me to warn you that if you already have regular bowel movements DO NOT eat them. ALSO, do not attempt to imagine the circumstance which have lead me to warn you about this. ha ha.


Saturday, June 24, 2006

The partying lifestyle

I grew up a fairly well behaived Christian girl, so I never went to parties or drank or did drugs or even went clubbing even though I love to dance. Then I had my first baby and married young (18) so my life has always centered around my young family. So my point is I never really had a party lifestle, which is fine. I never thought I was missing out or anything like that. Anyway, last night my neighbor/coworker threw a party and invited me. I rarely ever get out and since I can't go out to the bars with my coworkers, this was a good opportunity to socialize near my house. I showed up around 1:00AM after the kids were sound asleep. It was fun, kind of immature and raunchy but still fun. We just sat around a table and played a fun drinking game where you take turns picking cards and each card represents something... ie. 10 card represents "social" where we all toast and drink. Another one was waterfall, where everyone starts drinking until the person who picks the card stops drinking and when he stops the next in line can stop and so on, all the way around the circle. Another card represents "catagory" and if you pick the card you pick a catagory and everyone has to name something in the catagory until someone can't and then... well you can guess what happens.

So one thing that really struck me was how your judgement goes down the drain when you drink. I will definitely warn my kids about that, that they should make any and all decisions before they ever take a sip of alcohol.

There is a strip club in the next town over. Whenever I drive past the strip club I pray for the strippers and ask God to shut down the place. At this party I went to there was an X stripper from the club. She was a very nice, average looking girl. She will never know that I have prayed for her.

So that was my night. It was a good time, but I don't think I would want to do that more than once or twice. I don't know how people can spend their free time drinking and partying for years on end. It seems so meaningless. I would rather read to my kids any day of the week.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Baby crazy

One of my best friend's had a baby boy two days ago. I haven't seen him yet, but I did hear him cooing in the background on the phone. It's her third boy, like me. Anyway, I've been thinking through my life plan and the timing of the coming babies if I still go for six. After much thought, my husband and I decided that it's time for number 4!!! So this month we'll start trying and I'm so excited! We have never REALLY tried to make a baby before. I think it is the most romantic notion...

Yesterday my husband made the announcement to the kids. He said that maybe we'd even get lucky and have a baby girl and when he said that Dimitri jumped up and down and clapped and yelled out really loudly "YEAAAAAAY!!!" It was SOOOOOO cute. We all laughed at him, knowing that he doesn't know what he's really in for. ha ha.

So that's the big news. I'll keep you posted.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Hindsight is 20/20

My boys are wrapping up the school year. My big boy is almost a fourth grader. My Wolfie is almost in first grade. I have to admit that I wasn't very plugged in this past year since I've been taking a lot of college courses myself. At the beginning of the year I was a little paranoid at handing them over to strangers after homeschooling them for two years. I gave Brandon's teacher a bit of a hard time at the beginning of the year. I blogged about it too. But time has passed and I'm happy with how it turned out. When I visited the classroom I was impressed with her class management and her lessons. So she won me over and I'll write her a letter thanking her for putting up with me. I also feel so lucky that this school keeps the students with the same teacher for third and fourth grade so my son get her again next year. Then she retires! He caught her just in time.

So in conclusion, it wasn't that bad. Yeah, public school isn't going to provide all the educational oppurtunities in the world, but I can try to fill in what's missing myself, because after all, it's my job to ensure my children a well rounded education.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Boston Celtic's dance team tryouts

This Sunday was the first tryout for the first ever dance team for the NBA Boston Celtics. It was such an honor just to be there. I went knowing that I would not make it. Not only do I have next to no formal dance training, but also there are tryouts being held in NY, LA, and Arizona, meaning only the very best of the best will be making it.

More than 400 girls arrived, which is an even slightly bigger crowd than the one that shows up for the World Champion NE Patriots tryouts. It was held in the practice court that the Celtics train at. There were camera crews to document this historic event, sometimes annoyingly in your face, but still making the whole thing more exciting.

After registration we all strip down to our next to nothing outfit (nylons over exposed legs was the dress code) and start to stretch on the dance floor while the DJ pumped a beat. You get to know some of the girls around you. I met a sweet little petite dancer named Meagan who was a dance major in college and hoped to open her own dance studio. Right before the tryout started I saw a girl whose nylons were totally ripped. I went over to her and offered her my extra pair. She gladly said yes.

So the moment had arrived. The well qualified judges were introduced- flown in from around the country. The coach was introduced, she has an identical twin *cool*. Instead of warming us up they went right into the first round. I suppose they figured we were warmed up enough. I was surprised that we started with a difficult technical pass, as opposed to a simple dance routine.

I had a big disadvantage in that I didn't know a lot of the dance terminology and the instructor was on a small stage and therefore not demonstrating most of it. Some of the leaps I didn't even know existed until halfway through the practice when we split into smaller groups to have enough room to practice.

After some practice time they explained how it would be judged. We would go three at a time across the floor and at the end they would give us a sticker to put on the numbers on our hips, or they would say, "Thanks for coming". Wow. Talk about pressure. The coach thanked us all for coming, invited us to take more lessons and come back next year if we didn't make it, and emphasized how historic this even was and what a privilege it is to even come today.

Then the music started and the tryouts began. It was intense. I watched for a while, then went to the back and practiced for a while and finally took my turn. I'm sure I looked pretty uncoordinated and I got the "Thanks for coming at the end", but I wasn't upset, because I accomplished what I set out to do which was just to be there. Meagan didn't make it either. I gave her a hug. I know she was upset. I watched the last few girls finish and then I packed up to go. On my way out the door I saw the girl I gave the nylons to. She had a sticker on her hip. "Hey 254!" I called out. "Good luck!" I gave her the thumbs up.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006


The World Health Organization has recently strongly condemed Female Genital Mutilation which is a traditional African/muslim act. I was a little surprised and very pleased to hear this. Some people try to equate male circumcision with FGM and conclude that they are equally horrid. I disagree completely. Male circumcision can improve the health and cleanliness of both sex partners. FGM only harms females and puts them at risk for death during childbirth as well as a much greater chance of contracting STD's, which in Africa, you can imagine, is practically a death sentence itself. This argument doesn't even touch on the fact that FGM is still performed frequently in the most gruesome, unsanitary manner which is torture to the young girl. So I am glad to see that WHO has taken a stand against it. Hopefully this practice will come to an end in my generation.


Friday, June 02, 2006

Renewed faith in the political system

My state legislature were considering a bill to raise the minimum age for a drivers lisence to 17 1/2 which is the highest in the country. This proposal didn't receive much media attention, but when I read it in the paper it concerned me so I wrote a letter to my two representatives (one of whom was on the committee that proposed the bill) asking them to not support this (or rethink their support) because A) I didn't think it was a solution to accident rates and B) it would affect me personally, one of their constituents, because it is important that my oldest son be able to drive to work or help drive his younger brothers to and from school.

Today the newspaper reports that the legislature will not be changing the minimum age to 17 1/2...

"A vote on the measure was abruptly postponed yesterday on Beacon Hill after unexpectedly widespread opposition emerged.

"I don't think we are going to license at 17.5; I don't think that will happen," said state Representative Joseph F. Wagner , a Chicopee Democrat who is the bill's main author. Asked whether the age increase was dead, he replied, ``That's fair to say."

So I am happy and I'll email them to let them know that I am happy and to not support the possible increase to 17 for a permit.


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