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Monday, May 29, 2006

My first yard sale!

Today was my first yard sale. I proclaim it a success. It was fun. I'm exhausted. We made $80 - a little less if you count the money I spent on drinks and ice-cream bars to sell (we sold a half dozen ice cold drinks). I made a little more money than I expected, had a little less traffic/customers than I expected, and had A LOT more junk in the house than I imagined. I mean, I am proud of my decluttering abilities but it's amazing how fast it builds up. As for the number of customers, I not only posted the sale on, I also put big red signs up at the two major intersections near the house. I would have thought it would have brought hordes of people, but really only two dozen or so came. Maybe it was because of the holiday.

I would call it a success not only because we made some cash, but more importantly because I REALLY REALLY went through all the household stuff and purged the unnecessary. I found an overdue library book that I've been looking for the past year. There is a lot of stuff still sitting out there for free. I only brought in a few things. I added signs to the original ones that point to the yard sale that read "It's all free now!!" Whatever isn't taken can go to the garbage dump on Thursday (today is Monday). It feels good to dejunk the house. It also feels good to see things go to good homes. I sold everything at rock bottom prices... lot's of things for only a dime or a quarter.

One very interesting observation I made was about the racial makeup of the customers. The Spanish people bought lot's of stuff. They were great. The white people were generally pretty picky. The Asians and blacks were non-existant. There aren't a lot of black people in the neighborhood, but tons of Asians so I can't make any big conclusions for black people's yard sale habits.

It's hot, sticky; the house is a mess, I'm tired... but it was worth it. I've been so excited I couldn't sleep last night. And this morning we woke up excited because customers were already driving by. I'll do it again someday.


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