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Friday, May 19, 2006

The joys of owning a bunny

Bunny's make great pets! They are really low maintenance and are just adorable to have around the house. Here are my tips for bunny ownership:
1) If you live in the Boston area get your bunny from the House Rabbit Network ( which is a foster care system for Bunny's. They cost about $80, but always come spayed or neutered, which leads me to my next point.
2)Get your bunny spayed or neutered (or buy them that way). They will be calmer and less likely to pee in random places.
3)Set up their cage with a corner litter box (found at any pet store), a sheet of newspaper on the bottem and Timothy hay over it. (Timothy hay is pretty cheap, also found in petstores). Most rabbits will litter box train pretty easily. Once this happens you'll find they're quite easy to care for. Every other day I just dump out the litter box, wipe it with a paper towel and replace the newspaper/hay. On the in between days I might throw a handful of Timothy hay over the old stuff.
4)Leave them bunny food and water. Offer them Timothy hay every day (already done, it's in their litter box) and lettuce every day. Sometimes I'll go pick a dandelion for him, Rabbits love dandelions.
5) I let my bunny roam the house. He loves it and has never once gone to the bathroom outside his litter box (though my last bunny did).

The more time goes by, the more comfortable I can see Jellybean getting. It's really adorable. He will stretch out across the floor as we are walking about the house, he's not worried about getting stepped on. He gets along with my cats. When he wants privacy he hides under the couch or behind it. His soft fur and warm body is therapuetic. I like to craddle him like a baby, it gets out my maternal instinct.

So if you're considering getting a pet, a rabbit may be just the thing!


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