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Sunday, April 16, 2006

A moment frozen in time

I had a "Moment" yesterday. One of those moments in your life where time freezes and you see everything from from God's beautiful perspective.

It was my nine year old son's first baseball game. He's in little league. My husband and I are watching him from behind the chain link fence. My husband's fingers are intertwined through the fence. My arms are wrapped around him, hands pressed against his chest. Our eyes are glued to the boy in the uniform in front of us. He is so grown up. I keep thinking about the first time we saw his picture - at the eight week ultrasound. Brandon kept jumping in the ultrasound. Timmy and I were so excited. We knew we had a little athlete on our hands. We probably had an intuition that it was a boy too because I don't remember ever thinking that it could be a girl. And here we are, nine years later and so grown up. He's everything we could sense from that first moment.

Later in the game I hear shouts from the dugout and I know which voice is my sons. It reminds me of that first night in the hospital. All those babies crying, but I knew which one was mine. That baby is mine. Give me my baby. I know my baby. He's growing up now. But he's still my baby. That one is mine.


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