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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Healthcare for all !!!

I am just so excited about the new law that just passed here in Massachusetts that tackles the health insurance crisis (lack thereof) in just ONE YEAR. This is really an amazing feat and I'm so proud that Massachusetts is the first to tackle it. "How do they pay for it?", you ask. New taxes are being assessed to the individuals/businesses who should have/provide health insurance. On top of that, the government will chip in $1.3 billion. All of this money will go to cover the 550,000 uninsured in the state. This is just wonderful news. I like the analogy of car insurance, which everyone must have. The people who are walking around without health insurance are still getting some care, which is costing the state or the hospitals money. This plan will bail out the hospitals who are struggling to give free care to the uninsured. The cost of healthcare is one of my biggest concerns/political interests. I will be following this move very closely to see how successful it is. If it works I hope that other states will quickly follow suit.



  • At 12:46 PM, Anonymous Dennis said…

    Your blog got me interested so I went on to read some articles on this new law. It looks pretty good. I like the part that says insurance companies will now have to cover children up to age 25. That's great.


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