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Sunday, April 02, 2006


I have to touch on abortion every once in a while. It's a subject that is near and dear to my heart. My heart mourns for the thousands of dead babies. Did you know that one third of my generation is dead to abortion? One out of three!? That's horrible. So many of my peers gone.

Here are some other stat's for you: Deaths associated with abortion is three times higher than childbirth.

"Previously, it has been widely assumed that the mortality rate associated with abortion was only one-sixth that of childbirth. But those estimates were based primarily on information gathered only from death certificates or other public records. Proper identification of pregnancy history, the researchers found, reveals that the death rate associated with abortion is actually three times higher than that of childbirth."

"A teenager who has an abortion between 9 and 24 weeks of pregnancy -- when most are performed -- has a 30% chance of developing breast cancer in her lifetime, compared with a 12.5% risk among all women. If that same teenager also has a family history of breast cancer, the risk increases so much that one study showed all such women developed breast cancer by the age of 45." And even though this subject has been up for debate for a long time, statistics are starting to become conclusive... "Most studies show the link exists. Of the 41 studies which have been previously published, 29 show increased risk of breast cancer among women who have chosen abortion. According to the Breast Cancer Prevention Institution, some 16 of those studies are statistically significant.

I had the idea that a law should be passed that requires anesthesia for all fetus' undergoing abortion. Apparantly Indiana Senator, Jeff Drozda, had the same idea. His bill required the notification that the fetus feels pain (that's a start in the right direction.) Unfortunately the bill died. But Drozda will try again next year.

Oklahoma: The state House on Tuesday voted 89-7 to approve a bill (HB 2614) that would require abortion clinics to offer women seeking abortion a chance to have an ultrasound before undergoing the procedure, the Associated Press reports (Talley, Associated Press, 3/14). The bill, which is sponsored by state Rep. Kevin Calvey (R), was passed by the state House Health and Human Services Committee earlier this month (Kaiser Daily Women's Health Policy Report, 3/1).

And last but not least... South Dakota has outlawed abortion. Hurray. But that is only beginning of that legal battle. It is sure to become a voter referrendum in November, and/or go to the supreme court. You go South Dakota!

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