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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Training my husband

You know how guys can just walk past a pile of stuff at the bottom of the stairs? It could pile all the way to the ceiling and my husband still wouldn't notice it. Well today I decided to start addressing this problem in a calm proactive way. I don't know if it will work. I figured out a long time ago that I can't change my husband. But that doesn't stop me from trying. Here is what I said to him today in a calm voice.
"I'm going to offer you something, so don't get defensive, just listen and maybe you can learn something. I don't have time to put things away when I'm done with them so I have a technique that helps me deal with things. Instead of bringing it where it goes I just MOVE THINGS ALONG. For instance, this pair of pants goes upstairs so I'll just put it here at the bottom of the stairs and the next time I go up I'll bring it up." My husband said "OOOOh" in an enthuseastic, sarcastic voice. But I think I presented my side of the argument in a way he'd never considered before. I'll update this if he ever learns.


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