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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Throwing my first shower

Next month I am matron of honor in my friend, Ruth's wedding. So today I threw the traditional bridal shower as duty required of me. It was the first shower I ever threw and I feel like I have passed a milestone in life. I am now an experienced shower thrower. :-) Here are some of the highlights...

A few weeks ago I printed out cute invitations from my new favorite website I also included a cute poem:

A Rhyming Guide to buying Ruth's gift:

If you're thinking of buying her perfume or soap
Our dear friend Ruth would have to elope
'Cus the rash she'd get would scare even the pope

Ruth and Chester have dishes galore
Kitchen stuff is such a bore

Sporting stuff would be so neat
Chester and Ruth think that it's a treat

Then, of course, there's lingerie
Sure to make Chester say "hey!"
But check the size before you pay
Size 3 or 4, I’d have to say

So the big day arrives. I awoke at 6:00AM to clean the house and make egg rolls. I went to the store for some last minute things including a dozen balloons to mark the house for the guests to easily identify it. I couldn't decide if I should go to the local mom and pop party store or to the major chain party store. I finally decided that I was closer to the big chain and I hopped on the highway. Well, I got on the wrong highway and next thing I know I was accidentally heading towards the mom and pop store. So I went in and bought my balloons from the mother who owns the store and her two daughters who were also working there. When the mother checked me out I told her that, as crazy as it sounds, I think God led me there because I wasn't intending to go there and sort of ended up there by accident.

The house was clean, the guests arrived. The food was out. Ruth's mom prayed for the food and we dug in. About 12 people came which was the perfect number. Even though we all didn't know eachother, conversation flowed freely.

I am proud of my activities. I thought they were a hit. In the first activity I had everyone write down anonymously their favorite memory of Ruth and also a memory from their wedding (or a fantasy of their wedding if they aren't married). Then I read all the papers and we tried to guess who wrote what.

The second activity I called "Asian Olympics", in honor of Ruth's Taiwanese fiance. One event was moving peanuts from one bowl to the next with chopsticks. The second event was picking out safety pins from a large bowl of rice with your eyes closed. (It's harder than it sounds). The next event was "identify that Asian spice", with seven Asian herbs/spices/sauces numbered and labels removed. In the bonus round Ruth's mother in law said a sentence in Taiwanese three times. We all wrote down what we heard and then read it back to her. She judged the closest imitator who was awarded five points. So that was a lot of fun.

Then Ruth opened her presents which of course was fun. She got a beautiful set of pearls from her mother in law. We all talked a while longer and then finally it wrapped up. When everyone left the last few of us went back to Ruth's house to admire the wedding ring that just came it. Then I went home and crashed for a two hours nap. :-)


  • At 11:13 AM, Anonymous Theresa said…

    That sounds like a lot of fun. It reminds me of my bridal shower. We played this fun game called Pass The Box... You take a small gift, like a pretty candle and place it in a box, then gift wrap it, but keep wrapping it with different layers of giftwrap. Play some music while passing the present around, when the music stops, the guest left holding it unwraps the first layer of wrapping paper, then the music starts again and the box is passed, then everytime the music stops, another layer is removed until someone finally unwraps the very last layer and that is the winner!


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