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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

My new volunteer work

I never really considered myself an animal person, especially since I grew up afraid of dogs since the age of four when I witnessed a dog bite my baby brother. Hower, like art and music, I have discovered a part of me now, as an adult, that I didn't know was there. Since owning a bunny I am a knowlegable bunny lover. And as of late, I have a new hobby of obsessively looking for a dog that we're not sure if we should adopt anyway. My favorite web site is "" where you can put it your zip code as well as any other search criteria you wish, and it will list hundreds of animals (with pictures and descriptions) available for adoption. Did you know that there is an extensive foster care system for animals? Yes, shelter systems are not used nearly as much any more. Also, here in the North East we seem to have less animals so there is a truck that drives dogs up from "kill" shelters in the South.

So, on to the title of my post. I also have been habitually driving to the local pound. There are rarely dogs there. (They are usually adopted out within hours or days). However there are always a few lonely grown cats. So that is my new volunteer work. I go to the shelter once a week or so and pet the kittys who are starved for attention. It's quite fun. You should try it.


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