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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

My Husband Transformed

Something truly amazing has happened! Our family hasn't gone to church in several months and all of a sudden my husband decided that we needed to start going. Before this, I was always the one dragging the family to church. My husband never took the lead. So this Sunday we went to the church that my husband likes that's nearby. It was so good to be back. Not only that but he also decided that he should start helping out with the ministry to Cambodian teenagers called JSK (Jesus Samarai Knights) This was a ministry I used to do years ago and always thought he could really make a difference at. I haven't brought it up in YEARS. So he calls the director, (who I suspect has been praying for Timmy). They arrange for him to start this Tuesday which was tonight. Timmy's report of what happened just awes me. Apparently during the "devotional-sermon" portion, the leader asked if anyone else would like to share and Timmy says that he was arguing with God "go up" "no" "go up" "no". He said God was like shaking his legs for him to go up and so finally he does and he shared his testimony and talked for a good long time and really made a big impression on the kids. I am just so flabergasted. It was all so unexpected and everything I ever dreamed my husband would be. I am so proud. I know the future has even more to come. I know I need to start praying because this was too dramatic to be random. I think there are some prayer warriors out there praying for my husband. (Like my dad and others - thank you)


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