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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

I did the unthinkable

I ran over my kitten's paw; with our great big Dodge truck-with Hemi. Thank God he's OK. But I must say it was a day from hell.

It all started around noon when I discovered Brandon's homework sitting on the desk. I had accidentally taken it out of his bookbag this morning while cleaning it out. I know that they keep him in for recess when he doesn't do his homework. So I was in a rush to bring it to school so he could go to recess. I tossed the kitten inside as I left. Then I saw his sister outside and I felt bad for him and I thought they should be together. So I opened the door to let him out. As I did so, I thought to myself "just watch, I'll run him over now that I've let him out". So I start the engine, put it in reverse and look out the side mirrors to see if I can see the kittens. Next thing I hear is the meow of the kitten. I put the car in drive and move back forward in case I'm still on him. Then I sit there for a full minute - in a complete and utter panic. I'm terrified that I'll find a dead cat under my truck. I finally work up the nerve to get out... There is no cat. I am so grateful. The other cat is on the porch with it's hair poofed out, looking rather freaked out. I look all around and finally find him limping. Everything goes in fast forward for the next couple of hours. I am running around like a mad woman, calling the vet, finding the cat crate, printing directions to the vet, leaving messages on my husbands phone, tearfully recounting the story to my brother in law, bringing Brandon his homework, driving to the gym to tell my husband to pick up the kids, driving BACK HOME because I forgot my checkbook, getting royally lost on the way to the vet hospital, then the kitten pooped in the crate and it stunk and he started meowing pityfully... like I said, the day from hell.

Thankfully the doctor said the leg isn't broken. And in fact he's playing and walking quite well. So I guess he's got 8 good lives left.


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