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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Training my husband

You know how guys can just walk past a pile of stuff at the bottom of the stairs? It could pile all the way to the ceiling and my husband still wouldn't notice it. Well today I decided to start addressing this problem in a calm proactive way. I don't know if it will work. I figured out a long time ago that I can't change my husband. But that doesn't stop me from trying. Here is what I said to him today in a calm voice.
"I'm going to offer you something, so don't get defensive, just listen and maybe you can learn something. I don't have time to put things away when I'm done with them so I have a technique that helps me deal with things. Instead of bringing it where it goes I just MOVE THINGS ALONG. For instance, this pair of pants goes upstairs so I'll just put it here at the bottom of the stairs and the next time I go up I'll bring it up." My husband said "OOOOh" in an enthuseastic, sarcastic voice. But I think I presented my side of the argument in a way he'd never considered before. I'll update this if he ever learns.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Dimitri's nursery

Now that I know how to upload picture to my blog (mwaah haw haw -malicious laugh) I can share so much more!!! Here are the paintings I did last year in Dimitri's nursery. Yeh, he still sleeps in our bed anyway, but he has a cute room to play in. :-) Posted by Picasa


Thursday, March 23, 2006

Here are my boys. I luv 'em.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

My new volunteer work

I never really considered myself an animal person, especially since I grew up afraid of dogs since the age of four when I witnessed a dog bite my baby brother. Hower, like art and music, I have discovered a part of me now, as an adult, that I didn't know was there. Since owning a bunny I am a knowlegable bunny lover. And as of late, I have a new hobby of obsessively looking for a dog that we're not sure if we should adopt anyway. My favorite web site is "" where you can put it your zip code as well as any other search criteria you wish, and it will list hundreds of animals (with pictures and descriptions) available for adoption. Did you know that there is an extensive foster care system for animals? Yes, shelter systems are not used nearly as much any more. Also, here in the North East we seem to have less animals so there is a truck that drives dogs up from "kill" shelters in the South.

So, on to the title of my post. I also have been habitually driving to the local pound. There are rarely dogs there. (They are usually adopted out within hours or days). However there are always a few lonely grown cats. So that is my new volunteer work. I go to the shelter once a week or so and pet the kittys who are starved for attention. It's quite fun. You should try it.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Elite Preschool

My 1 1/2 year old son is enrolled in one of the most elite preschools around. The teachers are compassionate and loving. The education he is receiving will set him up for a great future. The facility is huge and includes an indoor swingset and lots of educational toys; the outdoor play area includes a trampoline. The preschool has a pet therapy program and an "elderly match" program where the kids get to spend time with a grandmotherly figure. The student teacher ratio is out of this world. It ranges from 3 students per teacher to 1 student per 2 teachers! He is definitely getting all the attention and love he needs. He gets regular exposure to foreign language and music. I don't have to pack a lunch because they serve homecooked meals at this preschool and supplement it with regular snacks of highly nutritious breastmilk. I highly recommend this preschool to others. If you want your child to get into the "right" college you have GOT to get on this preschools waiting list!!


My new bumber sticker

I have been predicting a presidential race between Romney and Clinton for over a year now and so, in support of Romney I am putting a Romney 08 sticker on my car. He hasn't yet announced his candidacy yet, (ha ha), but I have confidence in him.

For those of you who aren't familiar with him, let me expound on his greatness a little. Before Mitt Romney became our governor (of the great state of Massachusetts) he was a successful businessman. This is a very important quality, in my opinion, because it shows he has actual business skills, tested in the free market, aside from "career politician" gobledeegook. He did a FABULOUS job running the 2002 winter Olympics in Utah. It was the first Olympics after 9/11, meaning it had never before seen security issues. Yet it was successful and profitable (the previous Olympics was not profitable). Romney donated his pay to charity. Which leads me to my next point which is that Romney is a religious man. Although I don't agree with his religion (Mormon) I admire that he takes his faith seriously, and I am sure he is a better man for it. He has a wife of 36 years and five boys.

As for his political beliefs, I can attest that he is a moderate conservative. He is pro-life (as I have blogged about previously), fiscally responsible, and in my opinion the most qualified man for the job. If you want to know more about political candidates, a helpful website is


Wednesday, March 15, 2006

I did the unthinkable

I ran over my kitten's paw; with our great big Dodge truck-with Hemi. Thank God he's OK. But I must say it was a day from hell.

It all started around noon when I discovered Brandon's homework sitting on the desk. I had accidentally taken it out of his bookbag this morning while cleaning it out. I know that they keep him in for recess when he doesn't do his homework. So I was in a rush to bring it to school so he could go to recess. I tossed the kitten inside as I left. Then I saw his sister outside and I felt bad for him and I thought they should be together. So I opened the door to let him out. As I did so, I thought to myself "just watch, I'll run him over now that I've let him out". So I start the engine, put it in reverse and look out the side mirrors to see if I can see the kittens. Next thing I hear is the meow of the kitten. I put the car in drive and move back forward in case I'm still on him. Then I sit there for a full minute - in a complete and utter panic. I'm terrified that I'll find a dead cat under my truck. I finally work up the nerve to get out... There is no cat. I am so grateful. The other cat is on the porch with it's hair poofed out, looking rather freaked out. I look all around and finally find him limping. Everything goes in fast forward for the next couple of hours. I am running around like a mad woman, calling the vet, finding the cat crate, printing directions to the vet, leaving messages on my husbands phone, tearfully recounting the story to my brother in law, bringing Brandon his homework, driving to the gym to tell my husband to pick up the kids, driving BACK HOME because I forgot my checkbook, getting royally lost on the way to the vet hospital, then the kitten pooped in the crate and it stunk and he started meowing pityfully... like I said, the day from hell.

Thankfully the doctor said the leg isn't broken. And in fact he's playing and walking quite well. So I guess he's got 8 good lives left.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Throwing my first shower

Next month I am matron of honor in my friend, Ruth's wedding. So today I threw the traditional bridal shower as duty required of me. It was the first shower I ever threw and I feel like I have passed a milestone in life. I am now an experienced shower thrower. :-) Here are some of the highlights...

A few weeks ago I printed out cute invitations from my new favorite website I also included a cute poem:

A Rhyming Guide to buying Ruth's gift:

If you're thinking of buying her perfume or soap
Our dear friend Ruth would have to elope
'Cus the rash she'd get would scare even the pope

Ruth and Chester have dishes galore
Kitchen stuff is such a bore

Sporting stuff would be so neat
Chester and Ruth think that it's a treat

Then, of course, there's lingerie
Sure to make Chester say "hey!"
But check the size before you pay
Size 3 or 4, I’d have to say

So the big day arrives. I awoke at 6:00AM to clean the house and make egg rolls. I went to the store for some last minute things including a dozen balloons to mark the house for the guests to easily identify it. I couldn't decide if I should go to the local mom and pop party store or to the major chain party store. I finally decided that I was closer to the big chain and I hopped on the highway. Well, I got on the wrong highway and next thing I know I was accidentally heading towards the mom and pop store. So I went in and bought my balloons from the mother who owns the store and her two daughters who were also working there. When the mother checked me out I told her that, as crazy as it sounds, I think God led me there because I wasn't intending to go there and sort of ended up there by accident.

The house was clean, the guests arrived. The food was out. Ruth's mom prayed for the food and we dug in. About 12 people came which was the perfect number. Even though we all didn't know eachother, conversation flowed freely.

I am proud of my activities. I thought they were a hit. In the first activity I had everyone write down anonymously their favorite memory of Ruth and also a memory from their wedding (or a fantasy of their wedding if they aren't married). Then I read all the papers and we tried to guess who wrote what.

The second activity I called "Asian Olympics", in honor of Ruth's Taiwanese fiance. One event was moving peanuts from one bowl to the next with chopsticks. The second event was picking out safety pins from a large bowl of rice with your eyes closed. (It's harder than it sounds). The next event was "identify that Asian spice", with seven Asian herbs/spices/sauces numbered and labels removed. In the bonus round Ruth's mother in law said a sentence in Taiwanese three times. We all wrote down what we heard and then read it back to her. She judged the closest imitator who was awarded five points. So that was a lot of fun.

Then Ruth opened her presents which of course was fun. She got a beautiful set of pearls from her mother in law. We all talked a while longer and then finally it wrapped up. When everyone left the last few of us went back to Ruth's house to admire the wedding ring that just came it. Then I went home and crashed for a two hours nap. :-)

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

My Husband Transformed

Something truly amazing has happened! Our family hasn't gone to church in several months and all of a sudden my husband decided that we needed to start going. Before this, I was always the one dragging the family to church. My husband never took the lead. So this Sunday we went to the church that my husband likes that's nearby. It was so good to be back. Not only that but he also decided that he should start helping out with the ministry to Cambodian teenagers called JSK (Jesus Samarai Knights) This was a ministry I used to do years ago and always thought he could really make a difference at. I haven't brought it up in YEARS. So he calls the director, (who I suspect has been praying for Timmy). They arrange for him to start this Tuesday which was tonight. Timmy's report of what happened just awes me. Apparently during the "devotional-sermon" portion, the leader asked if anyone else would like to share and Timmy says that he was arguing with God "go up" "no" "go up" "no". He said God was like shaking his legs for him to go up and so finally he does and he shared his testimony and talked for a good long time and really made a big impression on the kids. I am just so flabergasted. It was all so unexpected and everything I ever dreamed my husband would be. I am so proud. I know the future has even more to come. I know I need to start praying because this was too dramatic to be random. I think there are some prayer warriors out there praying for my husband. (Like my dad and others - thank you)
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