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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Our "haunted house"

Recently brother in law and cousins were fixing a car in the garage. It was propped up on a jack, but apparently not stable because when Sarom leaned on it, it started to wobble. Samnang was under the car and he says that something told him to get out. The instant he was out, the car crashed to the ground and everyone stood there shocked. Samnang came so close to death at that moment.

Timmy said that he was told by a neighbor that a previous owner died in the garage when his car fell on him. Timmy thinks that the ghost of that man saved Samnang's life by telling him to get out. If this is true than we are grateful. Timmy says we would have had to move if Samnang had died - we couldn't bear the grief of walking into the garage and remembering that moment.

So that's my story.


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