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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Iron Chef Game

Have you ever seen the Iron Chef show? It's a fast paced Japanese cooking competition show. It's very captivating. Anyway, today at my mother in laws house they were playing "Iron Chef" when I went to pick up my son. So I joined in and got to be one of the judges. It was my brother in law Sarom vs. my cousin in law Setha ("see-ta"). The "main ingredient" - which is always a secret until the show begins - was Ramon Noodles (lol). Sarom cooked a tasty sweet and sour soup. He also made a cucumber, boiled-egg, noodle dish that was light and refreshing. Alas, Seta was not as experienced and he produced a noodle and egg dish and and noodle-rice dish that were both rather average. So Sarom is now the reigning Iron Chef champion and I look forward to future competitions between family members. As amatuerish as this first one was, I look forward to some serious competition in the future with some more interesting main ingredients like Salmon, lobster, or steak. My father and mother in law as well as the eldest children - Ra, Ral, and my husband, Timmy, are the best cooks I've ever met. I also look forward to competing against them. It will be fun.


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