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Friday, February 24, 2006


I did it! I had the LASIK surgery today. It's only a few hours later and I can already tell that I can see. But my eyes feel dry like I have contacts on - I'm sure it will feel more and more natural as the hours wear on. (I shouldn't be at the computer now but I just had to report to you all).

So you're wondering what the surgery was like. All the people I ever talked to said it was quick and painless and easy. I hate to burst that bubble. It was quick, but I thought it was painful and scary - still worth it though. You're under this machine (kind of like the light at the dentist only it's up close against your face). The doctor tapes your eye back which is OK, you don't seem to have the urge to blink. You get numbing drops and the doctor makes three slits in your cornea to make the flap, which doesn't hurt. Then the part that I thought was painful was where he seems to be pushing your eye down with a ring around the edge and he keeps pushing until everything goes black. Ouch. Then the lazer, which doesn't hurt (but did smell like burning flesh ha ha) You have to look at the light, which is easy, but I was so scared that I was going to look away and screw up the whole surgery. Then it's done. But then you have to do the other eye. :-( Ten minutes was all it took. I walked out. He checked my eyes in the other room and I was pleased when he said that it looked very good. (Emphesis on very).

So I guess that's it. My eyes feel very dry. I accidentally rubbed one and it bled a little and felt like a scratched cornea (which it sort of is). But considering it's only been a few hours, I have to say the results are SPECTACULAR and I highly recommend it. Check out the LASIK Vision Institute for a place near you. Yeah, I know, shameful plug. But I have no connection to the place. I'm just a happy customer. Oh, I have to warn you about the "bait and switch" or so it seemed to me. The advertisements say they do surgery for as low as $299 an eye. But when I get there they inform me that I have a slight astigmatism and so I need the custom Lasik at a little over a grand an eye. I know they didn't just make it up or anything, but they sure have a nice little deal going, because who's going to argue with that? I mean, it's only your vision!


  • At 12:41 AM, Anonymous Kathy said…

    It sounds scary. You're awake for it?! But it does sound worth it. Maybe I'll look into it.

  • At 3:12 PM, Blogger Scott said…

    thanks for the info!!! i'm getting this done in two weeks!


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