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Friday, January 06, 2006

oops, I made my son cry

Oops, I overestimated my son's maturity... You see my little brother, who lives with us, likes to tease my kids (in a healthy, big brotherish way) and yesterday he said to my eight year old "Did you know that your mother made you, knowing that the world was going to end in ten years?" and my son looked at me and I said "NO, he's just kidding, it's more like fifty years" and my son dropped his jaw and yelled "WHAT?!" I tried to explain... "no, no, it's Ok, the Christians will be raptured. Don't worry about it"... but alas it was too late and he started to cry. There was no other way to remedy the situation than to tell him I was kidding, so I did say I was kidding, even though I do beleive we're in the end time. Oops.

It reminds me of the time my mother told five year old me that someday I would grow up go to college and get to move out of the house. I cried and she realized that perhaps I was a little young for that conversation. So she assured me that I didn't have to leave until I wanted to.

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