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Saturday, January 14, 2006

My bunny is dead too!!!

What is happening to my pets?! I don't understand it! I'm confused and upset.

After my cat, Chma,died of a blood clot, we had my parents bring up my brothers cat, of six years. We loved and embraced Willy as our new cat. However, the first time he let the cat outside Willy ran away. We haven't seen her in a week. It was sad. Then later on I let my bunny out in the backyard to play in the nice weather and he escaped. So that night I went out looking for him. I walked and walked with flashlight in hand, calling his name "Bugzy...Bugzy". And finally I did find him. I scooped him up and victoriously brought him home. He seemed to be in good health at the time. Two days later (this morning) he seemed very sickly, wheezing, drooping, no energy. I could start to see that he might die. I cuddled and pet him and I happened to be watching him just when he started twitching. I went over to him and pet him, fearing the end was near. Then my 1 year old started letting water out of the water cooler and I turned my head and said "Dimitri, I'm going to spank you!" and when I turned my head back to the bunny he was gone. So the moment of death wasn't exactly perfect or romantic, but at least I was there.

Now I am petless and my heart is sad. I loved having a fuzzy animal to cuddle and love. I don't know what other kind I will get or when. I kind of feel cursed.


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