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Saturday, December 31, 2005

I put my cat to sleep

Yesterday I had a perfectly healthy cat. Today, my cat was so ill I had to put her to sleep. It was tragic. She had a blood clot that was completely cutting off blood flow to the back half of her body. This morning I could tell something was wrong so I picked her up and she meowed in pain. Then I noticed her limping badly, not weight bearing at all on her back left leg. I thought maybe her leg was broken, though I couldn't imagine how. So I brought her to the veterinarian hospital, even though my husband and brother thought I should wait. The doctor was so professional and gentle. When he came back from the x-rays he slowly explained what WASN'T wrong with her and then carefully explained what WAS wrong with her. I cried. He showed me that if I held her front paws I could feel them warm with circulation. And if I held her back legs, I could feel that they were cold. She had no femoral pulse whatsoever. Also, he trimmed her back nail deeply and saw that it didn't bleed. So they gave her morphine and I called my husband and eldest son to come say goodbye. When they gave her the injection it took about two seconds and then she just dropped her head. It was so peaceful.

So in memory of Chma (her name means "cat" in Cambodian), some of my favorite memories of her...

The day my husband brought her home. I was a neglected, very lonely housewife and I was thrilled to have two kittens to keep me and the baby company.

When she was several months old she ripped a hole in the window screen, jumped out of our third floor apartment and disappeared for a week or two. I worried so about her and then one day saw her on the neighbors front steps, meowing at me. I scooped her up and was overjoyed to have her home.

She used to follow me when I went on walks. She was so protective of me. One time she actually attacked a small dog that was walking with it's owner on a leash.

When my husband came back from his four year "vacation" she immediately recognized him and seemed happy to see him.

Towards the end of her life she mostly stayed inside, only going out when I would. She slept at the foot of our bed with us and still occasionally played like a kitten.

She acted like a big sister to my bunny, Bugzy. Although she seemed annoyed by him, she would stay close to him when we let him loose in the backyard, as if babysitting him for me.

You had a good eight years on this earth, Chma, and I am proud to have had you.


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