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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

New tricks for and old dog

I have two brand new skills. Art and music. Painting is my new hobby. I've done some beautiful murals for the babies room and also some for friends' rooms too. Next I might do some sports moments in New England history on my brother's walls.

Now I have a piano too and I've been playing like crazy! The music just flows out of my fingers. I'm learning all sorts of Christmas songs for the upcoming season. It makes me so happy.

I never considered myself an "artsy" or "musical" person before this year. It's a whole new identity for me. It's changed my perception of myself.

Homeschoolers in particular like to encourage learning when the interest arises. This is a perfect example of that. I'm learning so much more now than I would have with more effort in the past. (Of course there are exceptions to this rule. As I have previously explained, Dyslexic children need extensive tutoring to teach them to read and write. They will not just "pick up" this skill when the interest peaks).

Now adays there is so much pressure to get your kids involved in extra-curricular activities: soccer, karate, ballet, tap, violin, gymnastics, Spanish. What if you don't sign them up for lessons? Then horrors! -they'll fall behind! They'll lose the opportunity to be the genius they were meant to be! They won't get into their college of choice! I declare that all of this is wrong. Your opportunity to learn NEVER ENDS. So you can't miss your opportunity! Of course there are some things you do "age out of" like gymnastics. I love gymnastics. I also understand the mental benefits of music lessons. And if your child truly is exceptional, you'll know, and you should provide them an outlet for their talent. All that being true, it does not explain the mad rush to teach children EVERYTHING. I think it boils down to parental competitiveness and insecurity.

Learning never ends. Enjoy the ride.


  • At 4:18 PM, Blogger Bruce said…

    I'm SO GLAD you're happy. :-D

    You go girl! Play that piano!


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