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Monday, November 21, 2005

I love Craigslist

Have you ever been to It's the best. I've had so much success with it, especially the "free" catagory. I figured out the key to getting anything good is to be the first to call/email, so I made it my homepage, so I always catch the good stuff first (and now I share my secret with you). I got the kids swingset that way - those are hard to come by on Craigslist. I sent the woman a nice thank you note after.

One time a friend and I wanted to do mosaics, but we need tile/broken glass to work with. So I kept my eye out on Craigslist and sure enough, art supplies were left on the curb in Chelmsford and I got boxes and boxes of tiles.

One time I saw a posting from a woman in Lowell. She said she needed craft supplies to entertain all the neighborhood girls. I wrote her and said that, like her, I'm always entertaining the neighborhood kids, except boys not girls. Since my kids have no interest in crafts I brought her a whole bunch of good stuff from my basement - a mini sewing machine, a quilt making kit, batting, crayons. It felt good to share.

One time I got a couple of wardrobe boxes which I use to hang up future clothes for the kids in the basement.

Pianos make a regular showing on Craigslist "free" catagory. People need to get rid of them and they're hard to move. I've always wanted one, so my husband got me one for my birthday (Saturday). We LOVE it.

This weekend I cleaned through all my books and put four boxes of old books on the curb. I put a note on "free" craiglsist and they're almost all gone!

I love Craigslist!


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