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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Baby Sleeping Recommendations

Recently the American Academy of Pediatrics altered their SIDS prevention recommendations to include the use of pacifiers. This infuriated some breastfeeding advocates because pacifiers discourage breastfeeding. This infuriates me, not so much as a breastfeeding advocate, but as a co-sleeping advocate. The AAP will go out of their way to avoid condoning co-sleeping - even if that means telling a mother to use a pacifier. In their recommendation it even admits the weakness in their position saying to wait a month to make sure breastfeeding is established and also admitting that it increases the risk of ear infection. GET REAL AAP! Pacifiers are just a bad substitute for breastfeeding (which, by the way, REDUCES ear infections). I would estimate that more than half the time that a baby breastfeeds he is just sucking and not actually eating anything. The comfort of the sucking is the most important part of breastfeeding. Why is the AAP denying what nature obviously intended?? A mother and child were meant to be together at all times for the first couple of months. It is completely unnatural to put your baby in another bed for hours at a time. It is even more unnatural to stick a plastic breast replica in their mouth for hours at a time instead of the real thing.

The AAP needs to be completely honest. They need to admit that co-sleeping increases the risk of role-over death (duh) but DECREASES the risk of SIDS!


  • At 1:26 AM, Blogger Anne Basso said…

    They actually warned me about co-sleeping in the hospital with Ciaran's birth. Please. I've waited so long for this baby, I told them there was no way I was going to leave him in a bassinette!

    And there are far more deaths every year amongst babies alone in cribs than there are among co-sleeping families. Why is that? Hmm...because co-sleeping reduces SIDS rates.

    But, my pediatrician hands out formula samples too.

    Great post!


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