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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Sick all weekend

I was sick with strep this weekend. The sad thing is that I had a strep test last week because my throat hurt and it came out negative. So I suffered with it all week and then on Friday my body just collapsed. I got a 104 fever, body aches, throwing up, headache, the works. When I went to the doctor again they said "oh, it is strep". So I finally got some medicine.

I have very bad tonsils. I figured out that I've spent about one twelfth of my life sick with strep. (About a month a year). Also I spend about six days a year extrememly ill like I was this weekend because of it. I CAN'T WAIT until January when my UPS insurance kicks in and I can finally get my tonsils out.

My husband did a heroic effort of keeping the house clean, balacing his own job, taking care of the kids and taking care of me. Yet, when I rolled out of bed I found signs that this house could not function without me... the cat and the bunny had no food or water, there had been no shampoo in the shower all weekend (there was more in the cabinet), the litter box was in bad need of a change, the wet laundry was still in the washer... ah yes, I am needed.


  • At 4:18 PM, Blogger Bruce said…

    Yes, you are needed. Both ups and downs to that fact.


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