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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Hodge-podge of topics

Supreme Court nomination: I never commented the first time around, but let me just say how happy I am with John Roberts as our new head Supreme Court Justice. As for Harriet Miers, many of the conservative leaders I admire are split on her. There just isn't much information about her available. So in this case I feel like I just have to trust George W. Bush. After all, going with the obvious conservative candidate backfired for George H. W. Bush when his nominee Justice David H. Souter turned out to be a lot more liberal than previously thought. And there won't be any filibusters over this one. Whatever happens, this will be Bush's legacy. This is the main reason conservatives like me voted for Bush. Eventually we will find out if we got what we elected.

The Avian Flu: It's finally getting some news worthy attention. I told you so.
I heard President Bush say that in case of a pandemic we could have the military quarantine areas. Unfortunately he is misinformed because the flu virus is not like small pox in that quarantines are not really effective. By the time you get them in place it has already spread. Based on the governments response to Katrina I'm not counting on them to be much help in a flu pandemic.

Dr. Phil on breastfeeding: Yesterdays show contained a debate on public breastfeeding. Dr. Phil's attitude was "can't we all just get along?" Dr. Phil has no qualms about speaking his opinion about any other topic. He obviously has no strong opinions on this subject. Unfortunately he is wrong. Babies have the right to eat at all times. As a formula feeding mother could tell you, they wouldn't dream of leaving the house without a bottle. Babies need to eat constantly, it's not something you can just put off. Breastfeeding in the bathroom (which I have done on more than one occasion) is gross and humiliating. Obviously breastfeeding moms need to be somewhat discreet and if you have a problem with it then look away. In general, our society needs to realize that the breast is not just a sexual object. Its primary purpose is to feed babies and making breastfeeding mothers leave public places is not appropriate.

Oprah on working moms: Oprah was speaking of working moms yesterday. She came very close to getting in hot water with stay at home moms. But good ole - diplomatic Oprah threw a bone to at home moms and saved herself. She took a "can't we all just get along" stand like Dr. Phil did. As much as I'd like to agree with her I must say there is a moral reason to continue this debate and that reason is children who are being shuffled around to daycare. Daycare is no place for a child to be raised and some children are spending their entire days there. Many working mom's (like me) juggle their lives heroically around their children. But others treat their children like pets. There is some pettiness to the debate - some jealousy on both sides. If that's all there was too it then I would say "can't we all just get along". But unfortunately there is more to it than that. Here's a website you should check out. Keep in mind that that I have tons of respect for day care workers. (Like my dear sister in law Jenny). You guys do a difficult job for not enough pay. I'm just saying that small children need their mommys.

Public school: After all the debate I've had with my son's teacher over the math lessons I am amused by the notice sent home yesterday. It said that because the MCAS math scores were so abysmal last year we parents have the right, under the "no child left behind act" to transfer our children to another school. Ha ha. I won't be transferring my children but I knew about this problem long before the other parents.

Brandon said he "hates art" the other day. This breaks my heart. No child should ever utter those two words in the same sentence. If I were homeschooling I can assure you that my children would "love art". My son says the teacher only lets them paint with primary colors. Only lets them paint certain ways. I understand teaching them about primary colors, but RESTRICTING their creativity? That's ridiculous.

There was a "visit your child at school day" the other week. I was the only parent in both classes to come. That's pathetic. Parents need to get way more involved in their kid's life. I also came to Wolfie's show and tell time yesterday, which we parents are always invited to. The kids did a lot of breakdancing. Some good, some not. All very cute. Wolfie didn't show and tell anything but next week we are going to bring our bunny for the kids to pet. I can't wait.


  • At 5:36 PM, Blogger christinemm said…

    Enjoyed your post. I also was surprised that Dr. Phil didn't support breastfeeding more. I blogged about that show also.

  • At 4:25 PM, Blogger Bruce said…

    Brandon, it's ok...take a deep breath, and paint in only the colors you have to work with. The best creativity comes through inside some boundaries. I'm sorry it's hard.


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