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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Still a little sensitive and naive

It's true. I've been through a LOT in my short life. I am a little calloused and knowledgeable about this world.

HOWEVER, deep down inside I'm still an innocent little girl and here are two examples from this week.

Naive Deena: Up until this week I thought that strippers in strip clubs took off everything down to their lingerie bra and underwear. But then my husband and I were flipping channels late at night when some of the naughty stuff comes on and we flipped by a stripper taking it ALL off. I was shocked and that's when my husband explained that that's what happens in a strip clubs. Ha Ha. Silly me.

Sensitive Deena: At work this week my boss, who is an X-marine, has not been happy with some of my walls of boxes. So yesterday I was determined to build the prettiest walls possible. Which I did and I even told my boss that he should check out my beautiful wall. But unfortunately it was not a secure, "locked in" wall. As I continued to build, the whole thing started to crumble. I'm talking hundreds of boxes. Falling everywhere. Just then my boss walks in the truck. He said, "Do I need to ask what happened here?" And I said, very embarrassed, "Have you ever heard the expression 'Pride goeth before a fall?'" And he said "Have you ever heard of locking in boxes?'" He told me to let go of the last wall I was holding up and so I did and it came crashing down. There was an awkward silence before he told me to start a new wall right there and then how we lost 15% of the space because of this and how all of the boxes had better fit by the end of the night. I was left to rebuild and meanwhile I'm thinking how absolutely horrible this is and how I'm not unionized yet, so maybe they'll just fire me while they can and what will I do without my tuition payments from UPS and the health insurance?

So I'm all worked up by the time it's break. I walk down to get my food but my eyes start tearing up because I'm so upset so I lean over the drinking fountain to try to compose myself before anyone sees me. Then I run into my boss again who begins to tell me that if we need to send the boxes in an extra truck it will cost $35 an hour times the five hours it takes to get to Connecticut. I immediately burst out crying. He felt so bad. He handed me a tissue and changed his tone, telling me it happens to everybody, it's no big deal, don't worry about it, stop crying. It was perhaps the best thing I could have done in that situation, although I certainly wasn't faking it.

Some of the truck drivers and managers were around. They looked so scared - you
know how some men just don't know how to handle a crying woman. My break-buddy Mo was so cute. He let me sit down for a minute before he casually asked "so how's your night going?" (My eyes are all red and puffy and tears are still running down my cheeks). But it was a happy ending because my boss understood that I take my job very seriously and I wasn't just messing around. He even said, "it shows you care," in reference to the tears.


  • At 4:07 PM, Blogger Bruce said…

    Awhhhh. :-(

    Crying changes everything.


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